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What makes distracted driving dangerous?

There is no question that vehicles have become safer over time. When Portland residents reflect on the first cars that they ever drove, they may marvel at the basic features that they had to contend with. In an era where back-up cameras, lane departure warnings and vehicle assisted braking are the norm, drivers may feel more at ease when they get behind the wheels of their cars.

Common bike accident injuries

Serious bicycle accident injuries can occur when bicyclists are struck by motor vehicles on Portland roads. The range of injuries that victims can experience is great, and can include minor abrasions to life-threatening traumas. This post will introduce readers to some of the most common forms of injuries that bike accident victims suffer, but as with all of the posts on this personal injury legal blog, readers should not take any legal or medical advice from this post's contents.

4 things not to say after a car wreck

Portland’s roadways have more motorists on them than ever before. With increased traffic likely comes an increased chance that you will eventually find yourself in the middle of a car crash. If you do, what you say matters. 

What illnesses can be caused by work duties?

Many claims for workers' compensation are based on the injuries that individuals suffer when they are performing their job duties. However, Oregon residents can also suffer work-related harm when their tasks cause them to become ill. Certain illnesses are common in certain industries, and this post will touch on some of the conditions that individuals can develop from the work that they do.

Protect your interests after a car accident

Car accidents happen all of the time, but despite the fact that they are common events, not all Portland residents may know what to do if they are hurt in such incidents. A vehicle collision can cause a great deal of damage to a person's physical health and financial stability. This post will offer some suggestions for what auto accident victims can do to in order to protect their legal rights and options for financial recovery.

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