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NSC calls on employers to help stem rise in work-related deaths

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 5,250 work-related fatalities in 2018 whereas there were 5,147 in 2017. This comes to an increase of 2%. However, the fatality rate was the same 3.5% per 100,000 full-time equivalent workers. Oregon residents should know that the National Safety Council has cited these and other findings in a recent statement to employers.

Bill seeks to make drunk driving prevention devices mandatory

When it comes to the effects of drunk driving, people in Oregon have plenty to be concerned about. Despite massive law enforcement efforts and widespread public awareness campaigns, 30 people across the country are killed every day in car crashes linked to driving under the influence. Some lawmakers think that technological solutions can help stop drunk driving before intoxicated people get behind the wheel. They take inspiration from a common penalty applied to people convicted of DUI: Ignition interlock devices are essentially in-car breathalyzers that verify that a driver's breath is free of alcohol before the car can be started.

Warehouse injuries on the rise

According to data maintained by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the injury rate for full-time warehouse workers is the same as for farmers at 5.1 injuries per 100 workers. Additionally, the number of warehouse work-related fatalities doubled from 11 to 22 each year over the course of only two years, from 2015 to 2017. The reasons behind the increased risk of warehouse injuries in Oregon and across the country might be attributed to the rapidly increasing pace of warehouse jobs.

Did you know that cold stress could be deadly?

Winters in Portland and across Oregon are typically frigid, and although rain is more likely than snow, cold stress remains a significant occupational hazard. If you work in construction, agriculture, or even if your job has you spending hours in freezers, your life may be on the line. Do not lose sight of the fact that cold stress-related conditions can cause amputations or even death, although it is entirely preventable.

Study considers link between opioids and fatal two-car crashes

Oregon residents may be taking opioids either for chronic pain or acute injuries. If it is for the former, they may not be so affected by the drug's psychomotor and cognitive effects. If it is for the latter, they are at a greater risk for impairment. In either case, it is inadvisable to mix opioid use with driving because one can become drowsy behind the wheel and cause a crash.

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