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Another Oregon DOT employee dies after work accident

A work accident recently claimed a second life of an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) worker. The death of the road construction worker was tragic and has raised questions about the safety practices of ODOT employers and the well-being of contract workers. Currently, the work accident is under further investigation by the Oregon State Police.

Product could lead to wrongful death or personal injury claim

Personal injury or wrongful death claims are potential options for those who have suffered because of the negligence of others. While many Oregon readers may understand that this is possible after a car accident, these claims are also possible when someone has consumed a dangerous food product and has suffered serious injury, or worse. A wrongful death claim is an appropriate legal option for the surviving family of an individual who died because of a dangerous product, such as powdered caffeine.

Risk of injured workers increases with higher temperatures

As Oregon enters the hotter phase of the summer, there is a higher risk of injured workers as the temperature rises. There are certain precautions that can be taken by employers and employees alike to prevent injured workers facing harmful effects of heat-related issues. This risk is particularly high for those who work outside or do manual labor.

Distracted driving: more than just texting behind the wheel

Oregon drivers know that distracted driving is a danger to every motorist and passenger on the roads and highways. The term "distracted driving" can be used to describe many different types of driving, perhaps most commonly for texting behind the wheel. However, it is possible that even some safety features, such as navigational apps, could also pose a risk for distraction.

Is state responsible for auto accident caused by road defect?

Should the state of Oregon be held responsible for any auto accident that could have been caused by a road defect? There those who believe that crashes on a particular roadway could be related to the negligence of the state. It is possible that a metal joint placed drivers at an increased risk of an auto accident while on a "flyover," or bridge.

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