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Speed may have been a factor in fatal Oregon car accident

Many people travel during the holidays to visit friends and family members who live far away. Portland residents may pack up their cars and travel by road to see those that they love while others may stay home and let visitors come to them. Wherever they go and however they plan to get to their destinations, drivers should always prepare for dangers when they get behind the wheels of their vehicles.

Why was my claim for workers' compensation denied?

An injury at work can be a difficult event to get past. An Oregon resident who suffers on-the-job injuries may feel as though they have been victimized twice - once when they suffered their harm and once when they had to leave work and lose pay to recover from it. Seeking workers' compensation benefits may be their best option to get by as they recuperate from their injuries.

Your workers comp case and the IME

Workers compensation can offer injured workers a way to get benefits that can help cover medical expenses and lost earnings. However, the application process in Oregon involves several steps where it is essential to follow technical requirements and meet deadlines.

Car accident injuries can be serious and costly

The trauma of surviving a car accident can last for years. Individuals who have experienced serious crashes and who have suffered the physical and emotional harm that can result from such incidents understand that time may not heal all of their accident-related wounds. An Oregon resident who is injured in a crash can suffer from many different types of harm, some of which may not ever completely heal.

Shared electric scooters on Portland streets for now

Shared electric scooters have arrived in the Portland area and will be around for at least a couple more months as the city gives the concept a trial period. Many Oregonians see these scooters as a great alternative to walking in congested areas, like downtown, without having to lug around a bicycle. Using a scooter to go from place to place is still environmentally friendly, and it saves time. Other residents may even choose to try this new mode of transportation out just for the experience of it.

Pedestrians are often left with permanent injuries after crashes

As this blog has discussed before, Portland a city of people who like to walk places. Many walk to work and school or, at least, to and from the nearest bus or MAX stop. Given that Portland is a great place for hiking, running or just walking, one will also find many pedestrians who are out and about just for pleasure.

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