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“I am not sure I ever did this but in case I didn’t I want to let you know that neither Gary or I will ever forget what you did for both of us. I used part of that settlement to get PRP done on my shoulder (twice) and am still using that money for medical problems that occurred from the accident. Medicare does not pay for most of this because they do not OK anything that isn’t traditional medicine.

Both Karen and Steve are the best choice if you are having problems with either personal injury or workman’s comp.. Both of them are very knowledgeable of what can be done in all types of situations and stays with you throughout the process. You can not go wrong when deciding to let them take on your case. They are honest and steadfast people. It is not about the money! You are an important person to them and they want to do all they can to help you. In our opinion ( my husband and me) they are your only choice if you want good results.” – Michelle and Gary

“After my auto accident, I was getting nowhere on my own dealing with the insurance companies. They had cut off my care and offered me next to nothing for my pain and suffering. I was overwhelmed with things I didn’t understand and had all but given up. Karen Schoenfeld turned that around on day one! They were always available for questions. They obviously knew what they were doing. They took care of all the confusion AND got me a whole lot of money in the end!!! I would absolutely recommend Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld to anyone who has been hurt at the hands of others.” – Bel D., Portland, Oregon

“Karen and Christopher were wonderful! They let me know all I needed to know about PIP and every other benefit I could receive through my insurance policy. I received a fair settlement in a little over a year. All medical bills were paid in full. I would recommend this firm to anyone who needed PI representation. Thanks to you both!” – Judy P. from Portland, OR

“Steve Schoenfeld and his team went above and beyond for our case. It was a long and complicated case and he was very patient with us in helping us navigate in unfamiliar territory. He kept us informed as to the status of our case and always responded within a day when we would reach out to him. We really appreciated his availability to us and how they made us feel important. These last few years have been very trying medically and knowing we had Steve leading us through this legal process helped bring a sense of security that was much needed. We can’t thank him and his team enough!” – Mike K. from Portland, OR


“I’m intensely grateful for Steve and Karen’s tenacious advocacy and warm professionalism. The Schoenfeld team, including their paralegals, Sal and Christopher, humanized a legal process that was totally alienating and invalidating. I don’t think there’s any other law practice out there I could’ve done what they did with my case.” – David, D. of Portland, Oregon


“I had a wonderful experience with the offices of Schoenfeld and Schoenfeld.  Steve took the time to explain the process to me.  My questions were always answered within a timely manner, whether by Steve or his coworkers.  I was represented amazingly, and have been recommending this office to friends and family that may be in need of the help.

I also found myself in need of Karen’s representation after a motor vehicle accident.  I revived the best representation there as well.  I recommend this office for any of your Worker’s Comp or Motor Vehicle accident where you need good representation that fits under this Law Offices expertise.  Everyone is very professional, but they care about you and your situation and you can feel it”.  – Kristin W., of Portland, Oregon


“After feeling overwhelmed and ready to just quit due to a horrific on-the-job injury and dealing with SAIF, we began to ask people who we knew that had used a lawyer for recommendations.

Schoenfeld and Schoenfeld was a name that kept coming up, and after much research Steve Schoenfeld was who we contacted.

From our first meeting we knew that we had found an advocate who would take the legal pressure off, had extensive experience dealing with SAIF, and gave us accurate and level-headed advice on what was to come and what we could expect.

His office staff was professional and relayed messages swiftly and accurately when we had questions or when he needed information, and we received many calls from Steve personally well after his office hours.

The injured person should only have to worry about recuperating and not dealing with “the system,” this is where Steve Schoenfeld comes in. He’s a true advocate and knows the ins and outs of getting his clients the best possible outcome.

Thank you Steve, we would have “thrown in the towel“ if it had not been for Schoenfeld and Schoenfeld”. – Kurtis, K., in Eastern Oregon