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Oregon driver found guilty in car accident killing 2 children

An Oregon teenager has been found guilty of felony hit-and-run in connection with an accident that led to the death of two young girls. The 19-year-old woman reportedly was driving down the road when her vehicle went through a pile of leaves near the curb that had been raked for collection. The woman and her two passengers noted a bump when the car accident occurred, but the driver did not stop.

Oregon workers' compensation can help when injury happens

There has been an unfortunate incident in another state that some in Oregon may find interesting. In the workplace accident, an employee of FedEx was injured seriously. Now, as he works to return to his normal life -- or at least as much as is possible considering the severity of his injuries -- he is seeking the help of his state's workers' compensation program.

Oregon bicycle accident sends rider to OHSU

Oregon police are investigating a crash that sent one man to the hospital recently. The bicycle accident happened in the Portland-area suburb of Milwaukie on a weekday afternoon. After the incident, the driver of the car that struck the cyclist remained at the accident site to assist in the early stages of the official investigation.

Oregon accidents can lead to claims for workers' compensation

A man in another state is in the hospital recovering from the injuries that he suffered while on the job. Like many here in Oregon, he worked at a plant that produces food, in this case processing meat. Now, the man is likely working to return to gainful employment, a task that may be eased by benefits provided by his state's workers' compensation program.

Oregon auto accident can end with personal injury claim

Oregon police are investigating a recent crash that happened in Multnomah County. The auto accident claimed the life of one person and left another with an extended hospital stay. The incident occurred during the early afternoon hours of a weekday.

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