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Common bike accident injuries

On Behalf of | Apr 18, 2019 | Bike Accidents |

Serious bicycle accident injuries can occur when bicyclists are struck by motor vehicles on Portland roads. The range of injuries that victims can experience is great, and can include minor abrasions to life-threatening traumas. This post will introduce readers to some of the most common forms of injuries that bike accident victims suffer, but as with all of the posts on this personal injury legal blog, readers should not take any legal or medical advice from this post’s contents.

Skin and soft tissue injuries can include many different forms of harm. They may include road rash, which occurs when the skin is scraped along a hard surface and a large area abrasion forms. They may also include cuts, bruises and other forms of superficial trauma.

Head injuries are an unfortunately serious bike injury category. Fractures of the skull, concussions, brain injuries and brain bleeding are all risks of traumatic head injuries. Even when bike accident victims wear helmets, they may suffer serious trauma to their heads.

Throughout the rest of the body, broken bones, dislocations, organ damage and other forms of harm can affect the long-term health of bike accident victims. After suffering a collision with a car, a bike accident victim should seek medical attention. Even if they do not believe that they are hurt, they should be assessed to ensure that they are not suffering from latent harm.

Once they are on the road to recovery, a bike accident victim may wish to better understand their options for seeking financial compensation. The party that caused their injuries may hold liability for the recovery of the victim’s accident-related damages.

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