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New auto features could help avoid pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian safety is a major topic in Oregon and across the United States. Because there are so many dangers on the road, steps are being taken to reduce the number of crashes. Lawmakers, law enforcement and car companies are seeking to find strategies to improve safety. One way this is being done is by installing systems in new vehicles to recognize pedestrians and issue a warning to the driver. However, research finds that this new technology has yet to be perfected.

A study from AAA says that the systems still have flaws that must be worked out. Four vehicles with the technology were tested. They had the ability to detect pedestrians and had automatic emergency braking. The vehicles traveled at various speeds and the dummies standing in for pedestrians were set up to use different behaviors. The systems did not work at all at night, which is problematic since three-quarters of all fatal pedestrian accidents occur at night.

Moving patients a common cause of injury in health care

When you work in a hospital, doctor’s office or similar health care setting, chances are, you have to deal with immobile patients with at least some regularity. While, in some ways, relying on proper lifting techniques can help reduce your risk of an on-the-job injury related to moving immobile patients, there is only so much you can do to mitigate your injury risk.

In fact, moving heavy, immobile patients is one of the top causes of injury among today’s health care workers. It is particularly problematic among nurses, who often bear the brunt of the lifting responsibility. Lifting-related injuries have become so common among nurses that Healthcare Business & Technology reports that they suffer more than 35,000 back and musculoskeletal injuries annually that are serious enough to keep them out of work. Furthermore, nurses are more likely than manufacturers, construction workers and other employees who perform physical labor, exclusively, to suffer on-the-job injuries.

How common are fatal pedestrian accidents?

In Portland and other cities across the nation, people often choose to get around by foot. Whether they are going for a walk, jog, run or hike, a pedestrian is often walking in areas where vehicles travel. Although motorists are supposed to be aware of their surroundings and operate cautiously around pedestrians, the unfortunate reality is that collisions occur between automobiles and pedestrians.

How common are auto-pedestrian accidents? Based on data from 2017, there were a total of 5,890 traffic crashes that involved one or more pedestrian fatalities. In these crashes, 5,977 pedestrians were killed. This equates to a pedestrian being killed in a crash every 88 minutes, which amounts to more than 16 people a day and roughly 115 a week.

Helping you recover damages following a car crash

Motor vehicles are heavily relied on to get to and from destinations. This is evidenced by the constant traffic experienced on the roadways in Oregon and elsewhere. And while numerous motorists follow the rues of the road while traveling on the road, the reality is that some fail to uphold their duty to drive safely. They choose to text on their phone, drink and drive or even drive while fatigued. These situations present many dangers on the roadways, sometimes resulting in a serious or even fatal car accident.

No one is ever fully prepared to deal with the aftermath of a car crash. While one might have auto insurance, he or she is likely thinking that they will never have to use it. Unfortunately, minor and major automobile collisions occur everyday, and some victims are significantly injured in these incidents. It can quickly become overwhelming to not only deal with the pain associated with the injuries suffered but also the damages incurred by the collision. Many are not prepared to manage life after a car accident caused by a negligent driver.

Rehabilitation following a workplace accident

Whether a person works in an industry that is inherently dangerous or in an office setting, a workplace accident or illness could occur in almost any work environment in Oregon and elsewhere. It is not always apparent that a person is suffering from a medical condition that was caused by the workplace. In these matters, it is important for workers to consider their rights and options when it comes to securing workers' compensation to address the harms and damages caused by a workplace incident.

Following a workplace incident, an injured worker is likely to suffer various harms and losses. One of these could be due to the need for rehabilitation. When it comes to rehabilitation, this goes beyond treatment, such as physical therapy. It can encompass a wide range of vocational rehabilitations.

Two homeless people injured in Portland hit-and-run

The roadways can be a very dangerous place. Vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed can present various dangers, and a sudden negligent or reckless act can turn a vehicle into something deadly. It is not just other motorists and travelers on the roadway that need to be aware of these dangers. Pedestrians and those near the roadways could fall victim to a serious automobile collision in Oregon and elsewhere.

According to recent reports, two homeless people were struck by a vehicle in Portland. Preliminary reports suggest that a white SUV was driving recklessly on Southeast Powell Boulevard, resulting in the SUV rear-ending a vehicle that was stopped at a red light.

Why left-hand turns endanger motorcyclists

While motorcycles are often a fun, economical and efficient way to commute, they leave riders vulnerable to serious injuries or death in an automobile collision. After all, motorcycles lack the steel cage that protects drivers of most cars, trucks and SUVs. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, more than 5,000 motorcyclists lost their lives in accidents in 2017. As many as a third of motorcycle accidents that year may have involved a motorist executing a left-hand turn. Why are left-hand turns so dangerous for riders, though? 

Prevalence of distracted driving may be woefully underreported

Whether a person is a seasoned driver or has just obtained his or her driver's license, the reality is that dangers and risks are faced by all motorists in Oregon and elsewhere. Although drivers are taught to follow the rules of the road and drive safely, many motorists fail to do so. This can occur in major ways, such as drunk driving, and in minor ways, such as glancing away from the road while one changes the radio or answers a phone call.

While there are many types of negligence and recklessness that can occur on the roadways, a concern that remains at the top of the list is distracted driving. This is owed to the growing reliance on technology, such as cell phones, navigation systems, and other infotainment systems. But still, many question why distracted driving poses such risks.

Increase in fatal pedestrian crashes linked to SUVs

With the glimmer of fall approaching, residents in Oregon and other states across the nation are trying to soak up every last bit of summer. Although it is a time of year where many individuals spend time outdoors to enjoy the weather, the reality is that many people see the outdoors year-round because they primarily get around on foot. Whether one commutes on foot or is simply walking from their parked car to a building, store or residence, pedestrians frequently walk where vehicles are traveling. Thus, it is always imperative that both motorists and pedestrians remain aware of one another, with motorists driving cautiously around pedestrians.

Based on current statistics, the death toll for pedestrian accident hit a 28-year high in 2018. Across the nation, it is estimated that fatal pedestrian crashes rose by 4%, which amounted to 6,227 deaths. Researches explored the cause for this increasing rate, and they believe the nation's boom in SUVs is one of the leading reasons for the increase.

We help injured workers secure workers' compensation benefits

For workers in Oregon and elsewhere, it can be extremely detrimental to miss work. While individuals can get sick and injured at work, requiring days off to recover, many of them suffer serious injuries that require extended leaves and ongoing medical care. This can be financially disruptive. The inability to work means the inability to make an income; thus, causing financial problems. An injured worker's financial stability can be even further shaken when medical bills begin to pile up. In these matters, workers' compensation can be an extremely valuable benefit.

In one's efforts to secure these benefits, it is often important to have a legal team to guide one through the process. The attorneys at Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld, P.C., are dedicated at obtaining the best possible outcome for their clients. Suffering an on-the-job injury can be life-altering, and our law firm is here to guide individuals in the Portland area through a system that is ever changing.

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