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Should you file for workers' comp or a personal injury lawsuit?

If you have gotten injured at work, you may wonder what to do next. What is the correct route to seeking the financial compensation you deserve: A workers' compensation claim, a personal injury lawsuit or both?

In most cases, it will be to file a workers' compensation claim. However, other factors may allow you to sue, or to both sue and file for workers' comp.

Woman fatally struck by two cars while crossing street

A woman who was walking across a street in the Portland area died after two motorists struck her.

According to reports, the woman was crossing a street in the Southeast part of the city when a car plowed in to her. It was not clear whether or not the woman in a marked crosswalk.

Deaths down in 2017, but does that cover lost ground?

Particularly with respect to pedestrian deaths but for other types of accidents as well, there has been a lot of focus on the fact the number of traffic fatalities has been trending upward across the country, even in the face of advancing automobile technology.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, or NHTSA, the final numbers for 2017 are going to show some modest progress in turning back this disturbing trend. At 37,133 deaths, the number of fatalities for 2017 was down 1.8 percent over 2016.

Speeding enforcement may reduce pedestrian deaths

For a lot of reasons, the number of pedestrian deaths in this country has been steadily increasing over the last 10 years.

According to one recent report, auto-pedestrian accidents led to 5,987 fatalities across the country in 2016, which was the last year confirmed numbers were available. The number for 2017 are expected to be similar to those of 2017.

Report: Portland ranks among cities with worst drivers

While some in the area may disagree, a recent gave Portland the dubious distinction of being one of the country's cities with the worst driving habits. Of 200 cities examined, Portland ranked 190. There were several cities in other parts of the West Coast that also ranked in the bottom 20.

To reach its results, the report considered how often people in the Portland metro area, and the cities which were studied, filed claims as a result of motor vehicle collisions. Other factors that might have a bearing on how safe or unsafe motorists in and around the Rose City drive were not taken in to account.

How to document lost wages after an accident

A multitude of expenses associated with getting into a car accident exist. Your vehicle must be repaired, your medical bills must be paid and in addition to all this, you will likely be losing money as a result of the collision, too. This is the reality many people face when they find that they cannot work as they are recovering from the injuries caused by a car accident that was not their fault.

Luckily, though, there is recourse available that can help you fight against this injustice and protect your finances after an accident. It is important to document the financial impact of the collision, though, including any instances of lost wages. The following are three ways to accomplish this:

We represent injured highway construction workers

Previous posts on this blog have talked about the dangers highway construction workers face as they dedicate themselves to improving the highways and other roads of the Portland metropolitan area.

Despite continued warnings and enforcement efforts, the sad reality is that many drivers in Oregon will simply not heed these warnings and will continue to rush through construction zones or, at a minimum, just not pay the extra attention that is required when navigating a work site.

Inattentive driving the main cause of work zone crashes

A previous post on this blog talked about a series of accidents in and around Portland and the rest of Oregon that left several flaggers at work zones either seriously injured or, in one case, dead.

Judging by relatively recent statistics from the Oregon Department of Transportation, the state experiences just under 500 crashes annually that are related in some way to a work zone. Of these, 13 end with someone experiencing a serious injury each year; an average of 5 crashes a year wind up killing at least one person. Across the country, between 600 and 700 people die annually in construction zone accidents.

Rash of flagger accidents prompts safety warning

The greater Portland area and other parts of Oregon have been experiencing some rough times of late when it comes to flaggers in area construction zones getting hit by cars. Over the last couple of weeks, the frequency of these auto-pedestrian accidents has even gotten the attention of one state agency.

In one incident in the eastern part of this state, a flagger died after a drunk driver struck her. The driver kept traveling through the construction zone after hitting the flagger and eventually was stopped. He faces serious criminal charges.

Head-on collision in eastern Oregon among state's deadliest

A recent accident in the eastern part of this state left eight people dead, seven of whom were from one family in Washington State. The accident, which took place in the eastern part of Oregon, was among the state's all-time deadliest and attracted the attention of the national news media. Five of the victims were minor children.

While police have not formally identified the victims of the crash, a spokesman for the family said the victim was his sister, who was not yet 30 years old herself, and the woman's three children. She was another family member and the person's two kids, all of whom also died in the crash.

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