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Common bike accident injuries

Serious bicycle accident injuries can occur when bicyclists are struck by motor vehicles on Portland roads. The range of injuries that victims can experience is great, and can include minor abrasions to life-threatening traumas. This post will introduce readers to some of the most common forms of injuries that bike accident victims suffer, but as with all of the posts on this personal injury legal blog, readers should not take any legal or medical advice from this post's contents.

Skin and soft tissue injuries can include many different forms of harm. They may include road rash, which occurs when the skin is scraped along a hard surface and a large area abrasion forms. They may also include cuts, bruises and other forms of superficial trauma.

4 things not to say after a car wreck

Portland’s roadways have more motorists on them than ever before. With increased traffic likely comes an increased chance that you will eventually find yourself in the middle of a car crash. If you do, what you say matters. 

In 2016, the most recent year for which data is available, more than 60,000 automobile accidents occurred on Oregon’s roadways. Car collisions are often painful, stressful and confusing. Still, you cannot let your words ruin your chances of receiving compensation for your damages. Here are four things you should avoid saying after a car wreck.

What illnesses can be caused by work duties?

Many claims for workers' compensation are based on the injuries that individuals suffer when they are performing their job duties. However, Oregon residents can also suffer work-related harm when their tasks cause them to become ill. Certain illnesses are common in certain industries, and this post will touch on some of the conditions that individuals can develop from the work that they do.

Allergies to and irritants from certain substances can cause skin conditions in workers. This can occur when workers are exposed to chemicals and toxins while doing their jobs and even when they have contact with certain non-hazardous materials. For example, latex can cause skin reactions in medical workers who have or develop allergies to the material.

Protect your interests after a car accident

Car accidents happen all of the time, but despite the fact that they are common events, not all Portland residents may know what to do if they are hurt in such incidents. A vehicle collision can cause a great deal of damage to a person's physical health and financial stability. This post will offer some suggestions for what auto accident victims can do to in order to protect their legal rights and options for financial recovery.

If a motor vehicle accident victim is hurt in their crash, they should seek medical help as soon as possible. While some may require emergency care to address serious accident injuries, others may be able to stay at their accident scenes immediately following their collisions. Any bills or medical reports that victims receive due to their accident-related harm should be retained as evidence of accident-related losses.

Tragedy may follow a bicycle accident

Preparing for a bicycle ride around Portland may be a laborious undertaking. A person may work to ensure that their bicycle is operational and that their equipment is properly cared for. They may check that their safety gear, such as their helmet and wrist braces, are in good condition and that they have directions, lights and other equipment with them that could be of use out on the roads or bike paths.

Once they get out on the road, a bicyclist may have a lot to keep track of. They will have to follow the rules of the road and abide by posted traffic information. They may have to look out for cars, trucks, pedestrians and other hazards that could appear before them in their paths.

Safety in school zones: keeping children safe

Portland drivers may know to avoid certain streets and intersections at school drop off and dismissal times. This is because these areas may be congested with extra traffic from parents hauling their children around as well as increased pedestrian activity from children walking to and from school. They may also know that zones near schools, parks and other places where child pedestrians may frequent are also subject to lower travel speeds.

Speed limits are dropped in these areas because drivers should exercise care and control when they may encounter children who are traveling on foot. Children can be difficult to see from the driver's seat of vehicles due to their small statures, and since they may follow their impulses and run into roads, drivers should be prepared to stop and avoid collisions with them.

What is considered a work-related injury?

Workers' comp is an important form of insurance that provides individuals with financial support when they suffer work-related injuries. While understanding when something is "work-related" may seem obvious to some people, knowing just when workers' compensation may apply to an Oregon resident's claim can be tough. Though this post will briefly discuss what it means for an accident to be work-related, all readers are asked to discuss their workers' compensation claims with their attorneys.

An accident that happens at the work site of an individual may lead to injuries that are compensable by workers' compensation. That is because work done at a work site is work-related. Similarly, a worker who is injured while driving a work vehicle for the purposes of their employer may also seek workers' compensation support for their work-related injury losses.

Is it carpal tunnel syndrome or something else?

As you go through your workdays, you may notice that your hands start to hurt or tingle. You may shake them frequently or even resort to rubbing them on and off. As the pain increases, so does your ineffectiveness to complete the tasks your job requires.

Hand and wrist pain can signal the development of carpal tunnel syndrome or something else. The symptoms can often feel the same for other injuries. If you tend to do repetitive tasks with your hands, you may want to pay attention to what your body is telling you.

How does driver negligence contribute to bicycle accidents?

Negligence is a major cause of roadway accidents throughout the state of Oregon. However, it is important that readers understand that negligence is not one thing. It can look vastly different in different situations, and, as such, this post will provide a general discussion of how driver negligence may result in bicycle accidents on Portland streets.

Negligence occurs when a person fails to act reasonably given their situation. For a driver, acting reasonably may involve following the rules of the road, being aware of their surroundings and adapting their driving practices for any hazards that may be in their way. As such, negligence may take the form of a driver who chooses to speed or ignore traffic signals, who fails to use their mirrors or check their blind spots or who tailgates others in raining or slippery conditions.

Unusual car collision claims one man's life

Interstate 5 is a massive thoroughfare that crosses state borders and offers passage to thousands of people every year. It cuts through Oregon, coming down from Washington and passing into California at the state's southern edge. Because of its importance as a national route and its convenience for local drivers, it can be a busy and crowded interstate to drive on.

Recently, a serious accident happened on Interstate 5 near milepost 257. According to reports, a 20-year-old man was driving a vehicle when he apparently lost control of it. The vehicle stopped in the middle of the interstate and was then struck by another vehicle. The driver of the second vehicle was allegedly drunk at the time of the collision and the individual in the stopped vehicle died from the injuries he suffered in the crash.

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