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Legal guidance for victims of bicycle accidents

Victims of bicycle accidents can suffer serious, life-threatening injuries when they are struck by moving vehicles on Portland streets. While some victims of these all-too-common tragedies are able to walk away from their ordeals with minor harms suffered, others are rushed to the hospital and may never resume the lives they enjoyed before their incidents. For all victims of bicycle accidents, the recovery of their damages may be a priority for getting them back on track to return to their lives.

Damages after a bicycle accident can cover a range of costs and losses. They may include a victim's medical bills, prescriptions, hospitalizations and treatments. They may include the wages the victim loses when they cannot go to work. Damages can also include those related to the emotional trauma the victim experienced in their ordeal and the losses they suffer from being unable to engage with their families.

How to identify a traumatic brain injury

Traumatic brain injuries are some of the most common complications to occur to an individual involved in a car accident. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reports that approximately 230,000 Americans go to the hospital every year as a result of TBI. It can have significant short-term and long-term effects on a person.

Not only are TBIs among the most common injury in an accident, auto accidents are among the most common causes for TBI. This type of injury occurs when the brain strikes the inner lining of the skull. In some cases, the person may simply need to wait until the symptoms improve. Other people will need to undergo surgery to avoid complications. Above all else, it is critical to recognize symptoms and seek the proper treatment. 

Back pain and injuries can be caused by various job tasks

A pulled back muscle or strain can cause a person to feel significant pain and tenderness. When their back is affected by an injury, an Oregon resident may struggle to do even the most simple of tasks like tying their shoes or putting on their clothes. Back injuries that are caused by on-the-job accidents and incidents may form the bases of workers' compensation claims and may develop from a number of different occupational situations.

It is not uncommon for workers who do a lot of lifting for their jobs to suffer back injuries and harm. These individuals may develop back problems from the repetitive motion of bending and lifting objects. They may also suffer issues with their backs if they are not provided with the right safety equipment or training to prevent injuries and protect themselves from harm.

Child seriously injured in crash on Oregon highway

Driving is a difficult undertaking even when conditions are favorable. A person who operates a vehicle must pay attention to multiple mirrors, properly gauge their distance from traffic in front of them and manage the activity and passengers in their own automobile. When additional factors come into play, such as low light in the evening or unexpected roadway hazards, driving can get even tougher for an Oregon resident.

Recently, a 42-year-old woman was driving on Highway 22 when a deer ran out in front of her car. The woman swerved to avoid hitting the animal, but in the process, hit a guardrail and caused her vehicle to become stopped in the highway. As she and her passengers were getting out of the damaged car, another car crashed into the stopped vehicle.

Possible injuries after a rear-end collision

Car accidents can be dangerous and damaging, and in many cases, victims are able to anticipate the collisions they will be involved in when they see other cars barreling toward them. However, in some accidents, victims may not have much warning that they are about to be injured. This post will touch on several of the injuries a victim of a rear-end collision may suffer, but readers are reminded that information contained herein is not to be read as medical or legal advice.

One of the most common rear-end collision injuries that car accident victims can suffer is whiplash. Whiplash is a painful ailment that causes strain and stress in a person's neck. It occurs when a person's neck snaps, such as when their head is thrown forward and back in a collision, causing the muscles and connective tissues of the upper body to suffer injury.

When must drivers yield to pedestrians?

Auto-pedestrian accidents can have tragic outcomes when victims succumb to their injuries and lives are lost due to pedestrians being hit by moving vehicles. It is sad and unfortunate that many accidents between individuals on foot and vehicles could be prevented if drivers understood the laws that protect pedestrians and their right to walk. This post will offer an overview of some of the laws that protect pedestrians when they must cross roadways, but, as with all informative posts on this blog, readers are cautioned not to interpret its contents as legal advice.

In Oregon, drivers must stop for pedestrians who are in crosswalks. A pedestrian is considered in a crosswalk when any part of them or item that they are carrying, such as a cane or a crutch, enters the crosswalk. Drivers must remain stopped and yielding to crossing pedestrians even when those pedestrians are out of their lanes.

How negligence may cause a motor vehicle accident

Portland drivers are likely aware of just how dangerous it can be to drive while distracted or drunk. Local, state and national campaigns have highlighted the threats that these hazardous behaviors pose to individuals as well as others who they may encounter while out on the roads. A distracted or drunk driver is a threat to everyone who crosses their path because they are not fully focused on the important task of maintaining their vehicle.

Distracted and drunk driving are examples of negligent driving behaviors. Negligence generally happens when a person behaves in a way that is below the standard accepted by their community for their particular activity. As it is expected that drivers will use all of their faculties to drive safely, getting behind the wheels of their case when they are impaired or unfocused causes them to fall below the standard of safe driving established by law.

5 tips for safely working in the rain

When you live in Portland, you feel accustomed to the rain. Rainfall probably does not hold you back from achieving your daily tasks, including going to work. However, rain can cause or contribute to a variety of workplace injuries

Rain brings poor visibility, slippery surfaces and cold temperatures, all which can lead to an accident at your job. Here are some work practices that will help you avoid injuries when you work in the rain.

Legal support for your important workers' compensation claim

A workplace injury can be incredibly scary. The details of an incident may bring to light dangers that a Portland worker can face in their line of employment, and the shock of coming close to possible death can cause the victim to reflect on their life. In the wake of the physical and emotional trauma that a victim of a workplace accident can experience, that victim may struggle to take the necessary steps to ensure that they and their family is provided for.

A worker who suffers harm on the job may be entitled to workers' compensation benefits. Workers' compensation is financial support that a worker may be able to secure in exchange for releasing their employer from liability. Filing a workers' compensation claim requires a victim of a workplace accident to meet many requirements, and making mistakes along the way can delay their payment of benefits or serve as justifications for denying them.

Understand the statute of limitations for a bike accident case

Oregon residents sometimes blaze their own trails, and this can be taken literally when they choose to ride their bikes through the snow and slush that can collect on local roads in the winter. Though some cyclists opt to commute by vehicle once weather conditions turn, others stay in their saddles and ride the winter out. To this end, bicycle crashes can happen any time of year, even when the roads are slick with winter weather.

Victims of auto-bicycle accidents can suffer a range of injuries, from serious injuries like concussions and broken bones to minor bumps and scrapes. However, as is the case with other injury-causing events, victims of bike accidents may find that their harm worsens over time, as their injuries fail to heal or do not resolve in satisfactory ways.

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