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Federal agency starts anti-drugged driving ad blitz

The recent statistics, as well as anecdotal evidence, suggest that drugged driving is a growing problem both on the roads of Oregon and the rest of the United States.

This is particularly a hot issue in Portland and other cities on the West Coast, as Oregon and its neighbors have legalized marijuana for recreational use.

Understanding the impact of carpal tunnel syndrome

When most people think of workplace injuries, they think of extreme circumstances, such as fires and chemical burns. However, many people sustain injuries due to repetitive motions performed while sitting at a desk for hours on end. Out of these types of workplace injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome is arguably the most common. 

As with many repetitive motions, many people will not realize there is a problem until months or even years have passed. Therefore, it is critical to be aware of how your job could impact your body, so you can take action now to prevent issues in the future. In the event you develop carpal tunnel syndrome and believe it is a direct result of your work environment, then do not hesitate to file a workers' comp claim. 

How well do modern driver assist features work?

Residents of Portland, Oregon, put a lot of faith in the latest technology, and usually that faith is well-rewarded. This city is well-known as a place where innovations in technology are widely accepted and lead to improvements both in people's lives and even in the quality of the environment.

The latest driver assist technology that is built in to newer models of passenger cars is no exception to this pattern. Such technology can improve safety, prevent car accidents and even keep the air cleaner by preserving energy and reducing emissions. However, a recent report serves as a warning to drivers in this state that this technology is not full proof.

Comparative fault and bicycle accidents

As is the case with other vehicles on the road, residents of Portland, Oregon, who choose to use their bicycles to go from point A to point B have legal obligations that they must follow. For instance, bicyclists should ride with the flow of traffic and, when one is available, in the designated bicycle lane. Younger riders also must wear helmets.

These rules are designed for bicyclists' own protection and really should be followed, it may raise an important question in the minds of victims of bike accidents who may have not been following all the rules of traffic that apply to bicyclists at the time of their wreck. Specifically, they may wonder whether they can still get compensation if a car hit them.

Another study connects pedestrian deaths to distracted driving

In what seems like a typical occurrence these days, another study has come out suggesting that distracted driving is the force behind an otherwise inexplicable increase in the number of traffic fatalities over the last several years. The reason this increase is otherwise hard to explain is that cars have never been equipped with so many, or so advanced, technology designed to keep motorists safe.

Pedestrians have been particularly hard hit by the epidemic of distracted driving. The over 6,000 pedestrian fatalities reported in 2017 have been dubbed a crisis by at least one expert. While the expert explained that pedestrians have also been more distracted by their phones, texting and driving and the like have played a role in creating this traffic safety crisis.

PTSD may be a future trend in work comp claims

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, has been better understood in the mental health and medical community over the past several decades. While it used to be seen as a condition affecting combat veterans, experts now understand that the condition can develop in anyone who has experienced trauma, even second-hand.

As such, PTSD can affect workers who experience something horrible at work or, for that matter, a series of difficult events that happen over a period of time. PTSD can particularly affect those who work in law enforcement, firefighting or as emergency responders to accidents and the like.

Mistakes to avoid making on social media after a car crash

You need to be careful of what you post online after a car accident. While one woman discovered she could post a review of her eyeliner after a car accident and receive social media fame, in general, it is best to post as little as possible until the insurance claim is final.

Posting the wrong thing could seriously jeopardize your auto accident claim. 

What sort of coverage might be available from my insurance?

As a previous post discussed, sometimes the victim of pedestrian accident, or a deceased victim's family, may not be able to locate the driver who hit the victim.

Sadly, many people choose not to take responsibility for auto-pedestrian accidents and will drive off if they have the opportunity to do so. In other cases, the driver of the vehicle may not even realize that he or she hit somebody and will just keep driving. In both of these cases, though, a pedestrian might discover that the only source of compensation is his or her own insurance company.

One killed in Portland-area accident

One person died in a recent fatal car accident in the greater Portland area along Highway 224. The car accident, which happened during the dinner hour, occurred at an intersection and involved an SUV and a motorcycle.

It was not clear from initial reports whether the motorcyclist or an occupant in the passenger vehicle died in the accident. Police were trying to revive one victim at the scene and were apparently unsuccessful in doing so. Reports from the scene did indicate that the motorcycle involved in the accident was hard to recognize.

Many bike accident victims are children

Although Portland is known for being a city where people of all ages ride their bikes both for pleasure and to get where they are going, the reality is that bicycles are still particularly popular among children and youth, particularly those who are too young to drive a car.

It should come as no surprise, then, that many victims of bike accidents are minor children. In fact, according to a recent report, over a 10-year period, 2.2 million children between 5 and 17 across the country had to visit an emergency room because of a bike accident. This equates to 600 emergency room visit per day during this time.

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