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Why is drunk driving so dangerous?

Drunk driving is an unfortunately common occurrence in the United States. Many Oregon residents have been personally affected by car accidents caused by drunk drivers, with some having been involved in crashes themselves and others having lost loved ones to collisions caused by inebriated drivers. Drinking and driving is dangerous because of the effects that alcohol can have on the body. This post does not, however, provide any legal or medical advice.

Alcohol can do many things to the human body. Even a small amount of alcohol can be detrimental to a driver's capacity to focus. From a driver's first drink, their impulse control may be impacted, and this may cause them to make dangerous and reckless maneuvers.

Pleading negligence after a motor vehicle accident

Negligence is often the cause of personal injury accidents in Oregon. While some physical harm results from intentional and even criminal conduct, many of the car accidents, property incidents, and other types of injury-causing events happen because people fail to exercise reasonable care. Negligence happens when an individual does not act as a reasonable person would in their given circumstances and the situation that they are in.

First, however, before the reasonableness of a person's conduct may be assessed, a victim must show that the person who hurt them owed them a duty. Individuals pretty much owe each other a duty to act in a safe manner, and by acting negligently a victim may claim that the other party breached their duty. Duty, breach of duty, and causation are all necessary elements of a negligence claim.

How long do you have to file a personal injury lawsuit?

Every day in Oregon, dozens of car accidents take place. One recent incident resulted in several people needing to go to the hospital for nonlife-threatening injuries. The crash occurred as a result of one driver running a red light and colliding into three other vehicles. 

Often, victims of a car crash require more compensation than what they can get from insurance. If you are in this situation, it may be in your best interest to file a lawsuit against the perpetrator of the collision. However, there is a set amount of time Oregon residents have to file personal injury lawsuits, so you need to be aware of the statute of limitations. 

Important steps to take before receiving workers' compensation

An on the job injury can be a devastating event for an Oregon worker. While some accidents may result in minor forms of harm, others may cause serious and even debilitating losses to those who suffer them. In the wake of a workplace injury, it is important a victim knows what to do so that they may protect their right to receive workers' compensation.

The first thing that a worker should do after suffering an injury is to report it to their employer. If they are able to provide their notice in writing, such action may be useful as the worker may be able to keep their own copy of the report. After they have provided said notice, the worker should ask to see a doctor to have their injury examined and evaluated.

Who is liable for a crosswalk collision?

Although there are many vehicles on Portland's roads and highways, a number of the city's residents choose to walk to work, school and for errands. Walking is great exercise and is good for the environment, as it keeps vehicles and their emissions off of the roads. However, when people decide to leave their cars behind and to walk to their destinations, they often must encounter others who have elected to drive instead of traveling on foot.

Accidents between cars and people can be deadly. In fact, pedestrian accidents often result in catastrophic injuries and fatalities. Both pedestrians and drivers have responsibilities to each other to stay safe, and drivers must be cognizant of the state's crosswalk laws so that they can prevent collisions with walkers.

Different injuries may result from motor vehicle accidents

Earlier this year, this Oregon personal injury legal blog provided its readers with a post on the injuries that victims can suffer when they are involved in rear-end collisions. This form of accident often results in neck and back injuries because victims may suffer strain when their heads are thrown forward on impact. However, any form of car accident can leave a victim with serious injuries and a long road to recovery.

As a result of a car crash, a victim may suffer broken bones. Even when they are properly secured with seatbelts or with child harness restraints, they may hit the insides of their vehicles when crashes happen. If broken bones do not result, bruises, cuts and other serious abrasions may occur when victims' bodies hit the insides of their vehicles.

Pedestrian deaths climbing

Pedestrian deaths have rose greatly in this country, according to the Governor's Highway Safety Association. In addition to the virtual absence of any protection to pedestrians, many factors have contributed to the record number of fatalities in auto-pedestrian accidents.

Earlier this year, the GHSA issued its preliminary data. From 2008 to 2017, the number of pedestrian deaths rose by 35%. There were 4,414 deaths in 2008 compared to 5,977 in 2017. The combined number of all other traffic deaths, however, dropped by 6%. During this time, the number of pedestrian deaths comprising the total number of traffic fatalities also rose. This grew from 12 to 16%.

Construction’s “Fatal Four” cause majority of worker deaths

When you kick up your feet after a long day working on an Oregon construction site, chances are, you feel aches, pains and other work-related injuries or ailments. The construction industry is an undeniably dangerous one to work in, and if you are able to end your career experiencing only minor aches, pains or injuries, consider yourself one of the lucky ones.

According to the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration, the construction industry is one of the nation’s most dangerous, with more than 20% of all private sector deaths that occurred in 2017 coming from the construction industry. While construction work is inherently dangerous, there are certain areas within it where your risk of injury or fatality is more pronounced, and learning where these dangers are may help you mitigate them, at least, on some level.

Compensation after a devastating bike accident

Cycling is a great way to stay in shape and to commute without contributing to one's own carbon footprint. Many Portland residents use their bicycles for recreation and transportation, and it is not unusual to see packs of riders out together during rides and races. Though there are many personal and social reasons to consider taking up cycling, there are also important safety considerations that individuals should make before getting on their bikes.

For example, bicyclists are not always seen by drivers, and not all drivers respect the presence of bicycles on the roads. These and other factors can make riding a bike in Portland dangerous, and when bicycles are hit by cars, it is usually the bicyclist who suffers the greatest harm.

Elements in an auto-pedestrian claim for personal injury damages

No victim of a personal injury accident should have to pay to put their life back together after someone else's negligence inflicts harm upon them. When a Portland resident is harmed as a pedestrian in a collision with a car, they may suffer injuries that affect their body, trouble their mind and deplete their finances. Litigation may be a good option for them to collect their losses and become whole once again.

Suing a vehicle driver after suffering injuries in an auto-pedestrian accident takes careful planning and legal knowledge. There are certain elements that must be proven in order to prevail on a personal injury claim, and auto-pedestrian accident victims must demonstrate sufficient proof in order to recover their damages. For example, they must show that the party that caused their harm owed them a duty of care, and that the responsible individual breached that duty through their actions.

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