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What illnesses can be caused by work duties?

On Behalf of | Apr 11, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Many claims for workers’ compensation are based on the injuries that individuals suffer when they are performing their job duties. However, Oregon residents can also suffer work-related harm when their tasks cause them to become ill. Certain illnesses are common in certain industries, and this post will touch on some of the conditions that individuals can develop from the work that they do.

Allergies to and irritants from certain substances can cause skin conditions in workers. This can occur when workers are exposed to chemicals and toxins while doing their jobs and even when they have contact with certain non-hazardous materials. For example, latex can cause skin reactions in medical workers who have or develop allergies to the material.

Breathing disorders and diseases are also common in certain work fields. Individuals who inhale particles can suffer from asthma and COPD – chronic obstructive pulmonary disease – which can limit their abilities to live productive lives. Breathing disorders and diseases can impact individuals’ qualities of life and keep them from doing the work they need to do to support their families.

Other illnesses that can affect workers are hearing loss, infections and even fertility problems. While some work-related illnesses can be remedied, others may inflict serious and long-term problems on their victims. When work-related illnesses arise, individuals should be aware that they may be entitled to compensation through workers’ compensation. One of the best ways for an ailing individual to find out more about their rights through workers’ compensation in Oregon is to discuss their pending claim with an attorney who works in the field.

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