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What makes distracted driving dangerous?

On Behalf of | Apr 26, 2019 | Car Accidents |

There is no question that vehicles have become safer over time. When Portland residents reflect on the first cars that they ever drove, they may marvel at the basic features that they had to contend with. In an era where back-up cameras, lane departure warnings and vehicle assisted braking are the norm, drivers may feel more at ease when they get behind the wheels of their cars.

Whether it is the safety of their vehicles that makes them relax or other factors, more and more drivers are allowing themselves to take on other tasks when they should be focused on driving. Any reader of this personal injury blog can probably think of a time when they were driving and saw another motorist reading from their phone or sending a message from a handheld device. Almost everyone has seen another driver eating a meal, talking to a passenger or changing a radio station when their vehicle was hurdling down the road.

All of these examples are different ways that drivers can become distracted. Distracted driving is a problem across the United States and each day individuals are hurt and killed by other drivers who have allowed distractions to take their focus off of the roads. Distractions are dangerous because drivers can miss important hazards and road changes when their eyes are diverted and those mistakes can cause serious automobile collisions.

Victims of distracted driving accidents are often frustrated by their situations. It may be useful for them to speak with personal injury attorneys so that they can better understand their legal rights. Compensation may be available to them to help them get their lives back on track after suffering losses in distracted driving crashes.

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