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WHO: employee burnout now a diagnosable condition

Many workers in Oregon feel exhausted by their job to the point where they can no longer concentrate on it and carry out their duties professionally. They may regard their job in a mentally distant way and hold negative or cynical thoughts about it. These symptoms suggest a condition called burnout, and according to the World Health Organization, it is now diagnosable.

The real cost of driving while distracted

It is not uncommon to hear about automobile accidents caused by distracted driving in Oregon. Around the country, it is estimated that close to nine people die every day because of accidents related to distracted driving. These same types of accidents lead to around 100 injuries every day.

How to drive safely when the weather gets cold

Oregon drivers may be at an increased risk of getting into an accident when roads are covered with ice or snow. However, there are ways of reducing that risk or eliminating it altogether. While on a snowy or icy road, it is important to maintain a constant speed. Slowing down or stopping may result in a vehicle losing traction and sliding off the road.

Are you at risk of developing Tendinitis or Tenosynovitis

If you work in the manufacturing industry, food industry, or even in an office in Portland, you might become a victim of Tendinitis or Tenosynovitis, especially if your job requires you to make repetitive motions for hours on end. These conditions develop over time, and it could be excruciating.

Tips for staying safe when riding a bicycle

Bicycling is a common way for people in Portland to get around. It saves money, helps them stay in shape and is good for the environment. Still, there are inherent dangers that bicyclists will face. Since drivers will frequently ignore riders or behave recklessly, it is common for bike accidents to occur. These can cause severe injuries and fatalities.

Car accidents are decreasing in the United States

Oregon drivers may be happy to know that U.S. highway deaths decreased in the year 2018 for the second straight year, and this decrease has continued into 2019. One of the reasons why there are fewer car accidents is because of technology that has been installed in newer vehicles to make them safer.

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