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We Are Experienced Scooter Injury Lawyers

Whether you are someone who has been hit by a scooter or are a scooter driver hit by another vehicle, if you were injured you have rights that we can protect. The injuries from these accidents can be long-lasting and often require our clients be taken off work by their doctor.

We at Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld, P.C., have gotten fair compensation for medical bills and pain and suffering for scooter and motorcycle injury victims over the many years we have been practicing. Let our experience work for you. Contact us today to further discuss the scooter accident situation that is now affecting your life.

Our firm handles scooter accidents involving all types of scooters, including:

  • Vespas
  • Mopeds
  • Motor scooters
  • Nonmotorized scooters
  • Pedestrians struck by scooters

Regardless of your situation, we can investigate the case to determine who was at fault for the accident. If another driver struck you while you were legally riding or operating your scooter, we can take action against that driver and his or her insurance company to see that you get the compensation you deserve. If you were a pedestrian who was hit by a scooter, we can pursue compensation against the driver and an insurance company, if they were insured against scooter accidents.

Common Scooter Accident Injuries Can Be Life-Threatening

A scooter rider or pedestrian struck by a scooter may sustain a wide range of injuries. Even minor injuries may have a serious impact on your life. Our firm confidently stands up for the rights of individuals who have sustained injuries such as:

  • Spinal cord injury
  • Closed head injury
  • Traumatic brain injury
  • Contusions (bruises)
  • Deep lacerations (cuts) and scrapes
  • Road rash

Fatalities can occur in scooter accidents as well. Our firm helps clients deal with the aftermath of a fatal scooter accident and can take action through a wrongful death lawsuit on their behalf.

Contact Us To Discuss Your Legal Options After A Scooter Accident

Our attorneys at Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld, P.C., are dedicated to working hard for you. Contact us online or call us at 503-208-9089 today to learn more about how we handle scooter accidents and other motor vehicle accident and personal injury cases.