Experience Brings Winning Results

Our Recent Victories

We have had many six-figure personal injury settlements over the years. We settled a case on behalf of a Cuban national who spoke no English, but was seriously injured in a car accident through no fault of his own. We negotiated a six figure settlement pre-trial for our client. He had suffered neck, back and shoulder strains when a bad driver merged into his lane on I-84 when he was traveling in Multnomah County. Our client was a hard-working small-business owner in the agricultural field. He never missed work prior to this accident but his injuries caused him to miss three months of work. We negotiated for him to be paid in full for his lost earnings and got all of his medical bills paid by the insurance carrier, State Farm. Finally we arranged for our client to be paid in full for his pain and suffering. This is just a very recent example of many successful cases we have handled for our clients.

In another recent case, our client was a school teacher in Oregon City. When she was in a bad traffic accident through no fault of her own on Molalla Avenue in Oregon City, not only was her car totaled, but her own insurance company refused to pay all of her medical bills related to the accident. Then she came to see us. We sued her insurance company and forced them to pay all related medical bills. We then obtained a handsome settlement for her against the bad driver’s insurance carrier. Prior to coming to see us, she was only offered a few hundred dollars to settle her liability case.

Over the years, Schoenfeld & Schoenfeld, P.C., has consistently brought cases to verdict and reached settlement agreements that have given our clients an opportunity to move on with their lives, knowing they have been fully compensated for their injuries, medical bills paid, and lost income reimbursed to them.