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Why was my claim for workers’ compensation denied?

On Behalf of | Nov 22, 2018 | Workers' Compensation |

An injury at work can be a difficult event to get past. An Oregon resident who suffers on-the-job injuries may feel as though they have been victimized twice – once when they suffered their harm and once when they had to leave work and lose pay to recover from it. Seeking workers’ compensation benefits may be their best option to get by as they recuperate from their injuries.

Workers’ compensation is financial support that employees may collect when they suffer accidents at their places of work. In exchange for taking workers’ compensation, a hurt worker generally gives up their rights to sue their employer for any damages they may have endured from their job-site harm. When a worker is able to come back, their workers’ compensation benefits end, and their regular pay may begin again.

However, just because a worker gets hurt while doing their job does not mean that their claims for workers’ compensation will be automatically approved. There are many reasons why workers’ compensation claims get denied, some of which can be successfully appealed with the assistance of legal advisers who support workers’ compensation clients.

For example, a reporting issue may result in a workers’ compensation denial. If a worker does not report their injury to their employer or if their claim is not filed in time to collect benefits, they may get a denial. Also, employers who challenge their workers’ claims on the grounds that the workers were not doing their jobs or were engaging in horseplay may secure denials and prevent their workers from getting the help they need.

Denials for workers’ compensation claims can vary greatly. It is important that an injured worker seek the timely advice of a workers’ compensation attorney to get help appealing their claim and securing the financial support they need to get by.

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