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Speed may have been a factor in fatal Oregon car accident

On Behalf of | Nov 29, 2018 | Car Accidents |

Many people travel during the holidays to visit friends and family members who live far away. Portland residents may pack up their cars and travel by road to see those that they love while others may stay home and let visitors come to them. Wherever they go and however they plan to get to their destinations, drivers should always prepare for dangers when they get behind the wheels of their vehicles.

A sad holiday week accident recently occurred in Oregon and cost an out-of-state visitor her life. According to reports, a 25-year-old New Jersey woman was a passenger in a vehicle that was traveling on Tualatin Highway. Their car was struck head-on by another vehicle that apparently crossed the median of the highway and traveled into their lane. According to law enforcement officials, the woman was transported to the hospital where she later died.

Three others in the vehicle she was traveling in suffered life-threatening injuries. It is unknown if they will survive their injuries. Two occupants in the vehicle that crossed the center line were also injured, but their harm was not as extensive as that suffered by the other victims.

Law enforcement officials believe that the responsible driver may have been speeding when the accident occurred and it is possible that the driver will be criminally charged for their actions. Criminal charges would not preclude the victims of this car crash from pursuing their losses from the responsible party. Personal injury actions based on their losses could provide them with compensation that could help them move their lives forward after surviving this tragic ordeal.

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