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Another Oregon DOT employee dies after work accident

On Behalf of | Jul 30, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

A work accident recently claimed a second life of an Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) worker. The death of the road construction worker was tragic and has raised questions about the safety practices of ODOT employers and the well-being of contract workers. Currently, the work accident is under further investigation by the Oregon State Police.

The deceased worker was employed by Diversified Concrete Cutting, a company from another state, that does contract work for the ODOT. The man was doing concrete work along Interstate 84 and was working with one other person who was driving a truck with needed equipment. While it was not immediately clear what caused the accident, the man was run over by the truck.

Work accidents can happen for many reasons, and many of these unfortunate incidents are caused by negligence or unsafe work conditions. While this accident is still under investigation to determine the cause, it is likely that the family of the deceased could collect workers’ compensation to cover funeral expenses and any medical costs that accrued. These benefits are typically paid regardless of liability or any legal determination of fault.

Workers’ compensation benefits in Oregon are regulated by state laws. When a worker is injured or killed while at work, these benefits are offered to address lost wages and certain expenses. However, each case is different, making it necessary for victims and victims’ families to completely understand the benefits that are payable. As the police finalize their report on the work accident, understanding workers’ compensation could help the victim’s family determine the best way to move forward after an unfortunate or tragic work accident.

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