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Understand the statute of limitations for a bike accident case

Oregon residents sometimes blaze their own trails, and this can be taken literally when they choose to ride their bikes through the snow and slush that can collect on local roads in the winter. Though some cyclists opt to commute by vehicle once weather conditions turn, others stay in their saddles and ride the winter out. To this end, bicycle crashes can happen any time of year, even when the roads are slick with winter weather.

Who is liable for a bicycle-car accident?

Bicycles are a common form of transportation for Portland residents. They are small and easy to maneuver through the city, and they are environmentally friendly alternatives to motor vehicles. Many people who drive to work each day choose to ride their bikes for fitness and recreation when they are able, and Oregon children often work hard to master the challenges of pedaling on two wheels.

Shared electric scooters on Portland streets for now

Shared electric scooters have arrived in the Portland area and will be around for at least a couple more months as the city gives the concept a trial period. Many Oregonians see these scooters as a great alternative to walking in congested areas, like downtown, without having to lug around a bicycle. Using a scooter to go from place to place is still environmentally friendly, and it saves time. Other residents may even choose to try this new mode of transportation out just for the experience of it.

Comparative fault and bicycle accidents

As is the case with other vehicles on the road, residents of Portland, Oregon, who choose to use their bicycles to go from point A to point B have legal obligations that they must follow. For instance, bicyclists should ride with the flow of traffic and, when one is available, in the designated bicycle lane. Younger riders also must wear helmets.

Representation after a bicycle accident

Portland is known as a city that is very friendly to bicyclists. It was lots of bicycle pathways that cyclists can use while traveling alongside motor vehicle traffic, and it also has plenty of trails cyclists can enjoy. There are plenty of spots for bicyclists to park and lock their bikes, and some employers even offer incentives for their employees to ride their bikes to work.

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