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What support do you need to get back to work?

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A work accident can bring significant changes to a person’s life. From your ability to simply show up and do your job to the medical bills you’ll have to pay for, your work-related injuries will affect many things. Thankfully, through a workers’ compensation claim, you’ll have the ability to address your financial concerns during your recovery.

The intent of workers’ compensation is to provide injured Oregon workers with help after an accident on the job. These benefits are also available to individuals who become ill as a result of their work. In addition to coverage of your medical expenses and recovery of some of your lost wages, you also have the ability to secure certain types of support that can help you when it’s time to get back to work. You do not have to navigate this transition alone.

What support do you need? 

The specific types of benefits you may be able to get depend on your injuries and how they affect your ability to return to your old job. Part of a workers’ compensation claim may include rehabilitation benefits, which is certain types of help you may need when your recovery is over. These benefits may be available to you whether you want to return to your old job or will need to find something new. Rehabilitation benefits may include:

  • Assistance with your job search
  • On-the-job training
  • Wage assessment and analysis
  • Resume preparation and interview preparation help
  • Coverage of education needs and the cost of tuition
  • Skills analysis and training
  • Assistance with Americans with Disabilities Act accommodations

These are only examples of the benefits you may be able to get through your workers’ compensation claim. It is in your interests not to leave any money or support on the table, but to work diligently to secure all of the benefits available to you. Vocational rehabilitation benefits can be invaluable during your time of transitioning back to the workplace after an accident.

Your future as an employee

You may want and need to get back to work after a job-related accident, but you do not have to walk through this process alone. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help you during this process, evaluating your case and explaining what benefits are available to you. Your legal ally can also help you pursue specific benefits you need, including rehabilitation support that can help you return to the workforce.

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