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Oregon accidents can lead to claims for workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2014 | Workers' Compensation |

A man in another state is in the hospital recovering from the injuries that he suffered while on the job. Like many here in Oregon, he worked at a plant that produces food, in this case processing meat. Now, the man is likely working to return to gainful employment, a task that may be eased by benefits provided by his state’s workers’ compensation program.

According to a recent report, the man at the center of this workplace accident was on the job at a Sam Kane beef plant just prior to the incident. For reasons that are as of yet unclear, his arm became lodged in a machine at the plant. Unfortunately, the machine severed the worker’s arm. Medical responders took the injured worker to the hospital for immediate, emergency attention after his fellow employees attempted to stop the bleeding using a tourniquet.

This man may be eligible to file for workers’ compensation benefits. Payments from a workers’ compensation claim can be used not only to pay for basic needs, but also medical care. This is a great benefit for those who are able to return to work after they recover. However, in some cases, people are unable to return to their employment. In such cases, people sometimes find that they are able to qualify for lifetime payments.

Because the workers’ compensation program can appear to be complicated to some here in Oregon, it is often a good idea for them to seek information before making a claim. This effort can pay off when an injured worker is able to fund their recovery, assistance that can help relieve much emotional stress for those who were injured and their family. This allows people to get back to work more quickly, as the man in this recent case likely hopes to do soon as well.

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