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Major accident on Oregon Interstate leaves one dead, several hurt

On Behalf of | Mar 16, 2018 | Car Accidents |

A major crash on Interstate 84, which is the main artery from Portland out to the eastern parts of this state, has left a woman dead. Nine other people were hurt in the multi-vehicle accident, and, initially, five victims were reported to be in serious condition.

This fatal car accident involved 20 different vehicles and attracted the attention of media outlets statewide, even though the collision took place in eastern Oregon. Given the extensive nature of this accident, police have indicated that they are still investigating and have not released the names of any other victims.

However, authorities did indicate that their first impression was that the crash happened as a result of wintry weather and excessive speed. Black ice had apparently formed on the surface of the road prior to the accident. Black ice in turn creates a very slick surface on which a car can easily spin out, particularly if the driver is not adjusting his or her speed to account for the possibility of ice. Police also indicated that after the first collision, there was a chain reaction involving the other vehicles.

Drivers in Oregon have an obligation to slow down when the weather conditions are less than ideal for traveling, even if the driver is already observing the posted speed limit. Not taking account of the weather can lead to serious car accidents like the one that recently happened on Interstate 84.

The drivers who are responsible for causing these accidents can be held financially liable for their actions. However, particularly in a complicated case like this one, having the legal assistance of an experience Oregon personal injury and wrongful death attorney is extremely helpful.

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