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Gender-based car accident statistics

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2017 | Car Accidents |

Are you wondering if gender plays a role in traffic accidents? While most accidents have many causes and contributing factors, the statistics can be telling.

For example, the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) notes that more men pass away annually in car accidents than women. Viewed as a raw statistic, this implies that men are in more danger on the roads day in and day out, and that they could pass that danger on to other motorists, who risk being hit.

The reasons for this vary, but the IIHS speculates that simple vehicle miles driven can play a large role. Men generally drive more miles than women every year, so their risk for an accident is higher. Even if both genders crash at the same rate per 100,000 miles driven, men would be involved in more accidents. Therefore they’d be injured and killed more often.

The IIHS also notes that men do have a tendency to take more risks behind the wheel. For instance, they’re more likely to drive after they have had too much to drink. They also break the speed limit more often, whether they’re impaired or not. Furthermore, they could be involved in more deadly accidents because they tend to use their seat belts less often.

This isn’t to stereotype male or female drivers, but the accident stats do help to paint a picture of the general trends. They also help to show the risk for other drivers on the roads in Oregon. Those who are hit by negligent drivers, such as a man who is speeding after having a few too many drinks, must know their legal rights.

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