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Scooter crash blues: Stay safer in the future with these tips

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Personal Injury |

You love seeing scooters; they’re zippy and fun to ride. You planned to use your scooter to get all around Portland, but your plans did not go well. The very first time you took your scooter out, a driver hit you as you drove on the road.

You were rushed to the hospital, and now you’re dealing with injuries that may take months or years to heal. You know you can make a claim against the driver, because he was texting when you were hit.

While you’re disappointed that you can’t ride and need to recover from your injuries, there are some things you can do to avoid crashes in the future. For example, your scooter crash took place at an intersection, where it may be harder to see someone on a scooter. How can you be safer?

Pretend no one can see you. If you couldn’t see you, what would you do differently? Assume others aren’t paying attention, so you can preempt any mistakes they make.

Another good thing to do is to make yourself visible. Is your scooter black? Do you ride at night? Consider wearing multiple reflectors and use your lights to make you stand out. Wear white riding gear, too, so other vehicles’ lights reflect off you. If you’re riding during the day, consider waving at drivers or using your horn to make them look your way.

Lastly, ride within your abilities. Don’t head straight out onto a busy road if you’re not familiar with your scooter. Instead, learn on residential roads where there is less traffic.

These are a few tips to help keep you safe. For now, your attorney can help you fight to get an appropriate settlement for your injuries.

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