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What is the Department of Motor Vehicles?

On Behalf of | May 4, 2017 | Car Accidents, Firm News |

Every year, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regulates thousands of vehicle-related businesses, monitors drivers and issues or renews licenses. This agency is an important part of controlling who is or is not allowed on the roads.

The DMV registers around 1.8 million new vehicles each year in Oregon and 400,000 new plates. Performing this task helps the state bring in revenue while also monitoring the kinds of vehicles on the roads.

What does the DMV do to keep potentially dangerous drivers off the roads?

It has a responsibility to monitor around 3.1 million drivers in the state. It reviews drivers who have medical conditions and re-tests around 4,000 drivers who come into the Medically At-Risk Driver Program each year. These drivers could cause accidents due to their medical issues, whether they’re diabetics, epileptics or have other medical concerns. The DMV makes sure these individuals have their conditions controlled and are safe on the roads.

The DMV also enters driver convictions onto driving records, helping identify those who cause trouble on the roads. If an individual is pulled over, it’s the information from the DMV that helps fulfill any record requests law enforcement officers place.

The DMV also has the important job of giving driving tests. For new drivers, these tests help gauge if they’re ready to be on the roads. The DMVs in Oregon perform around 300,000 knowledge tests each year along with an additional 70,000 skills tests.

The DMV is there to help make sure drivers are safe on the roads. If you’re hit by someone, that person will have the accident on his or her record in the future. You have a right to pursue compensation, and any of the person’s driving records could be used in your case.

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