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Fatal crashes keep police busy over the weekend in Oregon

On Behalf of | Sep 21, 2016 | Car Accidents |

When the weather gets rough in Portland, drivers need to take more care on the roads. Slowing down, using the right tires and even avoiding driving in the worst of weather conditions are all important steps to take to prevent injuries and deaths. For those impacted by dangerous or inexperienced drivers who drive recklessly, there are few options but to pursue compensation through insurance or by suing directly, for which legal advocacy can be essential.

Some people may be seeking out their legal options after the last weekend in Oregon. State police responding to a number of crashes over the weekend of Sept. 17 reported four crashes in around 12 hours on Highway 18, 22 and 42. The first collision took place on Highway 22 when a 31-year-old man lost control of his vehicle when trying to pass someone. The second took place when a 42-year-old woman and two passengers slid into an oncoming lane while navigating a curve. The car hit a Kia Soul. Both 20-year-old passengers in the first vehicle died at the scene, and the older woman was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. The other vehicle’s driver was not injured, but two passengers were taken to the hospital with injuries.

Still another crash took place when a man in a Ford Explorer slid off an exit ramp. His vehicle landed on a semi-truck on Highway 42. He was killed, but the semi-driver survived the incident.

Finally, the fourth crash, which happened near Highway 22 and Highway 99’s West interchange, took place when a 49-year-old woman drifted into the center median. She passed away after her car rolled.

Weather was a factor in many of these incidents; Oregon saw heavy rain over the weekend, which made the roads slick.

Source: Oregon Live, “State police respond to four fatal crashes in 12 hours over rainy weekend,” Hillary Borrud, Sep. 18, 2016

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