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Car accident results in fatality at dark Oregon intersection

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2016 | Pedestrian Accidents |

If you lose a loved one in a pedestrian accident, it can be horrifying to hear that the driver hasn’t been charged. Fortunately, that doesn’t mean you can’t seek out compensation from the other party. You can still put together a civil case for the loss of your loved one, and it could be accepted and paid out by the court. You will need to show that negligence took place, and a police report can help, but further investigation and medical reports may also be used to show how fast a car was traveling, the speed at impact and other beneficial facts. Your attorney can then negotiate with the other party’s insurance carrier or help you take the person who struck your loved one to court.

A pedestrian in Oregon has passed away following a car accident on Mission Street. The 29-year-old woman died after being struck by a tow truck at around 5:43 p.m. She had been crossing Mission Street SE at Ford Street when the tow truck collided with her.

According to the news, there are no markings to indicate crosswalks at the intersection. The driver struck her when she began to cross; he had entered into a left-hand turn lane at the time.

Police have stated that the area is dark and that no citations have been issued. They have stated that the area should have been considered a crosswalk, though, because all intersections are legal crosswalks in Oregon. The area where this took place was dark, so police have stated that pedestrians should wear brightly colored clothing and carry lights with them when they can.

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