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Dangerous road may have been factor in Oregon auto accident

On Behalf of | Nov 11, 2014 | Car Accidents |

A recent auto accident along a road stretching from Eugene to Florence highlights the potential dangers of this particular highway. This auto accident claimed the lives of two Oregon teenagers and injured three others. After this particular incident, the Department of Transportation (DOT) stated that there was an unacceptable number of accidents on this particular road.

The Oregon DOT also stated that funding will be granted for additional law enforcement patrols in the area. In hopes of curbing the high number of car crashes, deaths and injuries, centerline rumble stripes will be placed along a 19-mile stretch of the road. This dangerous stretch of road sees an average of 100 crashes per year. While driver errors, such as distracted driving or speeding, likely plays a role in many crashes, it should also be noted that the high number of accidents may indicate that there are problems beyond the control of motorists.

Lack of proper lighting, poorly marked roads or even lack of warning signs may contribute to car accidents. While the DOT has initiated several safety measures in recent years, they may not be enough to protect the safety of motorists traveling along this road. Victims of accidents along this road may be able to argue that road conditions or unsafe conditions contributed to crashes.

After a tragic auto accident, victims can explore their legal options regarding financial compensation. The families of these two teenagers may seek assistance in order to determine if the DOT or the negligence of other parties may be liable for the condition of the road, and, thereby, partially or fully liable for the accident. For cases such as this, families may want to carefully consider all of their legal options.

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