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Experienced cycling enthusiast killed in Oregon bicycle accident

On Behalf of | Oct 7, 2014 | Bicycle Accidents |

Family and friends are deeply saddened and shocked by the death of a beloved 67-year-old man. The man, who was known for his love of cycling, died from injuries he suffered in a bicycle accident while riding through Oregon. The man was known for giving safety lessons to neighborhood residents.

He had planned to take this particular trip for a long time and took off from his job to make the 1,800 mile journey from the northern border of the country down through the Pacific Coast. According to his blog, he was traveling an average of over 30 miles per day. He was certified as an instructor for a national bicycle organization in order to encourage safe riding practices.

The tragic accident that took his life occurred as he was riding along a rural road. A driver of a pickup truck smashed into the back of his bicycle as the truck came around a bend in the road. The accident happened on a Friday afternoon, and the man died on the following Monday from his injuries. Oregon officials are still working to complete their investigation into this terrible accident.

The 74-year-old man whose vehicle hit the bicyclist supposedly told the victim’s spouse that his vision was obscured by the late afternoon sun and that he saw the biker too late to stop. It is unknown whether the Oregon authorities will be pressing charges against the driver with regard to this fatal bicycle accident. Separately, the surviving spouse may still consider filing a wrongful death suit in order to seek recovery of the financial damages sustained after the death of her husband of over 40 years.


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