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Oregon workers’ compensation important for those who lost family

On Behalf of | Aug 13, 2013 | Workers' Compensation |

Readers in Oregon may be interested to learn about a man from another state who lost his life in a work related accident. The man was on the job at a mine when he was killed. Now his family may be seeking to make a workers’ compensation claim to obtain benefits to help them cover the financial losses related to this tragedy.

There are many jobs on Oregon that are dangerous for people in our state. In the recent case that may interest our readers, the now-deceased man was at work in a mine ventilation curtain when he was hit by a ram car. The impact killed the man immediately.

Now, his survivors must work to recover both emotionally and financially from the loss of their loved one. A part of this recover may be assisted by the state workers’ compensation program. This insurance is intended to benefit those who have been hurt or killed on the job. The payments can be used to help make up the losses suffered by a family who has suffered a loss if a wage earner in their family.

The loss of a person in a work-related accident is a tragedy, regardless of where it happens. However, the good news is that though money cannot help those that have lost a loved one emotionally, it can be important as a family moves forward. It is these instances for which the workers’ compensation program was created and a great comfort to those who know that they perform dangerous work in our state.

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