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Oregon car accident sends vehicle near Columbia River banks

On Behalf of | Aug 8, 2013 | Car Accidents |

There is some good news to report after a recent incident on an Oregon roadway. Officials say that the injuries to the victim of the car accident could have been worse had the car in which she was travelling fallen into the water of the Columbia River. Fortunately, though she suffered injury, the car accident victim avoided drowning.

Oregon officials say that a car was being driven in the eastbound direction on a road that borders the flowing Columbia River. As it travelled, the driver, for reasons that are as yet unclear, lost control of her vehicle and crossed the centerline. There, she struck an on-coming car, causing it to swerve off of the roadway.

The victims car rolled down the river embankment as a result of the impact. During the car accident, the victim suffered injuries that officials say were not life threatening. However, they were serious enough to cause her to be transported to a local hospital for medical care. There she will begin the recovery process.

As is the case with many car accident cases like this one in Oregon, the victim in this case may find that she faces both physical and economic losses. These losses include the costs associated with recovery from injuries suffered during the crash and other damages such as pain and suffering. To recover, many victims turn to local personal injury laws to make claims against the driver at fault. In such actions, victims can receive awards intended to help with the losses that occurred when an incident beyond their control occurs.

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