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Man injured in Oregon car accident on holiday weekend

On Behalf of | Jul 17, 2013 | Car Accidents |

Many in Oregon know that the summer is a great time of year for weather in the Pacific Northwest. In fact, our state’s roads can become crowded with travelling vehicles, such as motor homes, as people travel to see our natural wonders. This may have been the plan of one family who was recently involved in a car accident on a local highway.

According to a report from police, a man and his wife were in a motor home on Oregon Highway 26 heading westbound on a recent holiday weekend. As they rounded a corner, they came upon a smaller car stopped waiting to make a turn onto a Forest Service Road. Unfortunately, the driver of the motor home failed to respond in time to the stopped vehicle.

This caused the vehicles to hit. The impact sent the smaller car careening some 150 feet along the roadway. Eventually, it came to a rest, but only after smashing into nearby trees and shrubbery. The car accident injured the man at the wheel of the smaller car, though the people in the motor home were uninjured.

As the man from the small car recovers from his injuries, he may consider if he wishes to make a claim against the motor home driver using Oregon’s personal injury laws. Such a claim could be made for the damages suffered by the victim. These include the loss of wages, the medical costs associated with the accident and recovery and other losses. Such claims are common from those who have been injured by the actions of others, as appears to be the case in this recent car accident.

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