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Oregon car accident leaves teenager dead, another injured

On Behalf of | Jun 28, 2013 | Car Accidents |

One Oregon teen is dead and another is injured after a recent crash. The injuries and death came when the teens, along with one other young man, were in a car that was attempting ‘hill hopping’ on a local roadway. This car accident was not the first such incident in our state.

Police say that the car holding the teens was traveling at speeds between 90 to 100 miles per hour as it went down a local roadway in Jefferson. The teens were attempting a trick that they, and others, had viewed on YouTube. The video clips showed cars jumping from hilltop to hilltop on isolated country roads.

However, what the videos failed to show the young boys is that it can be difficult to control a car at a high rate of speed. In this case, the driver lost control as the car flew off of a hill, causing it to smash into a tree. The impact divided the car in half, leaving the driver dead at the scene.

Now, the injured victims may find that they are able to make a claim for their injuries using Oregon’s personal injury laws. Such a claim could include the costs associated with the physical and emotional recoveries from the car accident. The demand would typically be made against the estate of the driver, as well as any separate owner of the vehicle involved. Even though the driver at fault perished in the crash, his estate can still be held liable for the damages suffered by other crash victims.

Source: ABC News, “Oregon Teen Dies in High-Speed ‘Hill Hopping’ Accident,” June 11, 2013

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