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Oregon pedestrian accident leaves one woman in hospital

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2013 | Pedestrian Accidents |

One Oregon woman is very lucky to be alive after a horrific accident recently. The pedestrian accident involving a tractor-trailer resulted in the young woman sustaining several injuries. Now police are investigating the incident to learn exactly why it occurred.

The pedestrian accident happened as a woman crossed the street in Springfield. It appears from early reports that the woman was struck by a semi while in a crosswalk. The truck driver kept going at the time of the impact, stopping the truck only after being flagged down by witnesses. The truck driver is said to have dragged the victim for up to 50 feet before the woman was able to free herself.

The victim of the pedestrian accident survived. She was transported to a local hospital where she received medical care. According to reports, she suffered a broken leg, a lacerated spleen and a fractured vertebra. She was listed in stable condition after the incident.

The official investigation into the pedestrian accident may find that the truck driver was responsible for the incident. If this is the case, that individual may find that they are liable under Oregon’s personal injury laws for the injuries suffered by the pedestrian. This liability includes pain and suffering, in addition to any lost wages resulting from the victim missing work during her recovery. Though not every victim can expect to receive compensation for his or her injuries after an accident, in many cases such as this one, a person who is injured can make use of our personal injury laws as he or she recovers both financially and emotionally.

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