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Workers’ compensation claim of Oregon police officer upheld

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2012 | Workers' Compensation |

The Oregon Court of Appeals recently upheld the workers’ compensation claim of a Eugene police officer. The court found that the officer was entitled to payment from her workers’ compensation claim because she was in her work environment at the time she was hit by a car. This court ruling was in contrast to the argument made by the police department that asserted that she was acting outside of her duties at the time of her injury.

The Oregon police officer was normally assigned to the internal affairs department with mostly desk duties. She was crossing the street to get coffee when she was hit by a car. The accident caused injuries to her head, foot and chest.

After the crash, the officer made a claim for workers’ compensation that was denied by the police department. She appealed and was awarded the benefit by the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Board. The award came due to the fact that, as a police officer, she was responsible for community duties when she left the building in which she worked. These duties made the street on which she was hit a work environment and not simply the route of a personal trip for coffee.

Like other Oregon workers who have been injured at work, the first step made by the officer after her injury was to make a claim for benefits under workers’ compensation. Because she was injured while at work, she eventually succeeded in obtaining these important payments. This case may give hope to many who have been injured at work and are seeking payments from workers’ compensation.

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