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Portland pedestrians hurt when taxi collides with storefront

On Behalf of | Mar 23, 2012 | Pedestrian Accidents |

Portland has long been known for its pedestrian-friendly downtown. Sidewalks and parks dot the landscape. However, those friendly sidewalks can become dangerous when a car accident spills over onto them and pedestrians get hurt.

Police say that two women were injured as they walked down a sidewalk in Portland on March 7. Reportedly, a taxicab ran the red light at the corner of Southwest 10th and Morrison, though the cab driver adamantly insists it was his taxi that was struck by a Honda. Nevertheless, authorities say the taxi collided with a BMW, and the impact caused the taxi to careen out of control toward the sidewalk. Unfortunately, two women were walking nearby and were struck by the taxi as it crashed into a local storefront.

Witnesses report that speed may have been a factor in this car accident. As there are conflicting reports from the drivers as to what occurred, police continue to investigate. No charges were filed in the immediate aftermath of the collision.

One thing certain is that the two pedestrians suffered serious injuries in the car accident. While neither was thought to be in danger of losing their lives, both suffered damage to the legs as well as additional concerns. No reports were made as to their further medical condition.

The victims here, like victims of all accidents, will likely incur significant expenses as they struggle to recover from their injuries. These costs may include not only medical expenses, but also lost wages and ongoing treatments. After the investigations are complete, the victims may find that they have legal rights to assert against any party or parties determined to have caused the car accident. In the meantime, efforts to document what occurred and all expenses related to the collision may be helpful in assessing what, if any, legal action to pursue.

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