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Strange facts: Bike helmets make cars drive more closely

You never leave your helmet at home when you hop on your bike. You know the dangers of a head injury. You commute to work on your bike every day, and you always have that helmet on while you do it.

Does it actually make you safer? One study suggests that, while it can keep you safer in the event of an accident, it may also increase your risks. Why? Drivers won't give you any space.

If hurt by a driver, bicyclists can pursue a claim

For bicyclists, every trip on the roads is potentially dangerous. Drivers are behind the wheels of vehicles hundreds of pounds heavier than a bicycle. An impact can throw a cyclist, cause severe injuries or even crush him or her.

This is why it's important for cyclists to be safe on the roads. It's not enough just to wear a helmet and ride along the side of the road. You need to know the rules of the road and make sure to stay vigilant when you ride.

What are some causes of pedestrian injuries and fatalities?

You enjoy taking walks and even having a morning run, but you're worried about the risks of being on or near the roads. You know that anytime you're around vehicles, there's a higher risk of being involved in a crash.

There are dozens of factors that play a role in pedestrian injuries and fatalities, but there are several that you can address to make yourself safer. For example, jaywalking puts pedestrians at a higher risk than if they're walking in a crosswalk or on a sidewalk, so staying in a crosswalk could prevent an accident. Drinking alcohol can also impair a pedestrian's ability to make good decisions about when and where to cross a street, so only walking when you're sober will help you avoid trouble.

Club fails to update safety features, faces heavy $200,000 fines

When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) comes to a business to investigate, it can make the determination that the owner needs to make changes. If the owner decides not to comply, he or she may face serious penalties that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Ignoring the requests from OSHA can lead to building fines and fees that add up to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

OSHA has hit an Bay Area Athletic Club with a fine that is nearly $200,000. Why? It violated several regulations that it has failed to fix despite having years to do so.

Cyclists can stay safe with a few precautions

Bicyclists are out on the roads more than ever today. Part of the reason is because gasoline was expensive for several years. Another reason is because it's good exercise. Regardless of the reason you choose to be on the roads on your bicycle, it's important that you can stay safe.

Between 2000 and 2009, the number of commuters riding bicycles grew 70 percent across the entire nation. The Northeast saw an increase of up to 127 percent, showing how popular cycling has become. As a result of this, it's highly important that drivers and cyclists know how to be safe on the roads.

Pedestrian killed while using Greyhound service

When you go on a trip, the last thing you expect is to become a victim of the driver you're riding with. As someone who is familiar with the bus system, taking a Greyhound to get where you want to go is probably normal for you. Greyhounds typically have good customer service and careful drivers.

Despite that, this case surrounding a Greyhound collision has made its way to the news. A pedestrian was killed in unusual circumstances, and no one is quite sure how it happened. The accident happened at approximately 1:29 a.m.

This is what you should do if you're in a crash in Portland

You saw the car next to you approaching the curb a little too closely, but you didn't think the driver would jerk the car so far back onto the road after noticing. When he did, he lost control of the vehicle. Being in a two-lane road, you had nowhere to go, and that meant that you couldn't get out of the way. The driver's fishtailing vehicle crashed into yours, and now it's damaged and you're hurt.

You're not the only person who has been in a situation like this. You know that you can call for help, but what else do you have to do since you've been hit? Primarily, if you are in an accident in Oregon, it's important that you report it.

DUI leads to bicycle crash in Portland

It's not always one single person who causes an accident or who is at fault for a collision. Depending on the scenario, more than one person may be held liable for an incident, even if they both didn't cause the accident directly. That's something to consider when you read about this case involving a car crashing with a bicyclist.

The driver and cyclist involved in the crash have been identified following the incident in Portland. According to the news, the bicycle rider was intoxicated prior to the crash. The driver was unlicensed and had no insurance to drive. When their paths crossed, it resulted in a serious collision.

Do I need anti-rabies prophylaxis after a dog bite?

You were walking down a trail at a park when you heard rustling in the bushes. You noticed a wagging tail, so you pushed the leaves aside to find a small dog. It appears trapped, so you reach in to get it out.

It's at that point that the animal becomes fearful and bares its fangs. You couldn't pull away in time, and you've been left with injuries. While you were able to free the pet to secure it and it is now acting normally, you still want to know that he or she isn't carrying a deadly disease.

Why you should work with a workers' compensation attorney

You may think that a workers' compensation case is relatively straightforward, and for the most part, you're right. If you are hurt on the job and didn't intend to hurt yourself, your employer should accept and help you file a claim.

There are times when you may want to work with an attorney after you're injured at work. For example, if you are injured and your employer does not want to allow you to file a claim, you may want to talk to an attorney about your employer's actions. Your employer may not prevent you from filing a claim.

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