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Why you should work with a workers' compensation attorney

You may think that a workers' compensation case is relatively straightforward, and for the most part, you're right. If you are hurt on the job and didn't intend to hurt yourself, your employer should accept and help you file a claim.

There are times when you may want to work with an attorney after you're injured at work. For example, if you are injured and your employer does not want to allow you to file a claim, you may want to talk to an attorney about your employer's actions. Your employer may not prevent you from filing a claim.

Bike-on-bike crashes can be dangerous to riders

While most people think of bicycle accidents as occurring between bicyclists and motor vehicles, it's still possible for multiple bicyclists to get into an accident. With more people heading out onto the roads on their bicycles, it's not unusual for attorneys to get phone calls about personal injuries that happen as a result of bike crashes.

The injuries that result from a bike accident can range from bumps and bruises to serious head injuries and compound fractures. Some of these require medical treatment, and others can still lead to a lifetime of recovery.

Scooter crash blues: Stay safer in the future with these tips

You love seeing scooters; they're zippy and fun to ride. You planned to use your scooter to get all around Portland, but your plans did not go well. The very first time you took your scooter out, a driver hit you as you drove on the road.

You were rushed to the hospital, and now you're dealing with injuries that may take months or years to heal. You know you can make a claim against the driver, because he was texting when you were hit.

Can you file for workers' compensation after an injury?

You were on the job when it happened; someone dropped a large piece of wood from above at the construction site, and that wood struck you in the head. You were rushed to the hospital, but you still suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.

While you're making good progress on your recovery, you know that the medical bills will be high and that you'll need long-term assistance. Fortunately, people in your situation can rely on workers' compensation.

Man receives felony sentence for pedestrian fatality

You may think that a driver who was not drunk at the time of a fatal pedestrian accident won't face penalties, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Depending on the circumstances, anyone can face charges for hitting and hurting or killing another person. In fact, this exact situation occurred recently in Oregon.

According to a report from May 12, a 38-year-old man has been convicted of a felony for hitting a pedestrian. The man was not intoxicated, but he was criminally negligent, according to the deputy distract attorney. She claims that he was criminally negligent because he failed to stop before a marked crosswalk.

Bicycle safety: These tips can help protect your child

As a child, one of your favorite things to do may have been to hop on your bicycle and ride to a friend's house. Maybe it was a form of exercise you used to hang out with family members or cycling was how you got to school. In any case, bicycling was a part of life, and it still is for many people today.

For children who are riding on the roads, it's very important that they understand bicycle safety. Basic safety tips can help keep them safe, even if others are not paying attention.

Man receives 30-day sentence for DUII hit-and-run crash

When a pedestrian is hit by a driver, it's a tragic situation that nearly always results in the pedestrian suffering severe injuries or death. As the family member of someone who has passed away, you would want to see that your loved one received justice, especially if it's proven that the driver was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

That's why this case is shocking. A May 9 report discusses a case in which a man has been sentenced to only 30 days in jail for the death of a pedestrian on Highway 26. The 59-year-old man pleaded guilty to a hit-and-run DUII and has received a sentence allowing him to serve his jail sentence only on the weekends while also accepting three years of probation.

What is the Department of Motor Vehicles?

Every year, the Oregon Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) regulates thousands of vehicle-related businesses, monitors drivers and issues or renews licenses. This agency is an important part of controlling who is or is not allowed on the roads.

The DMV registers around 1.8 million new vehicles each year in Oregon and 400,000 new plates. Performing this task helps the state bring in revenue while also monitoring the kinds of vehicles on the roads.

You can pursue a claim after a dog bites you

You were walking down a neighboring street when you suddenly found yourself fighting off a stray dog. In the fight, the dog's tags fell off, but it fled. You see that the tags have an owner's name and phone number, but there's no other information.

You call for emergency help and head to the hospital. The police take the information and get in touch with the owner. It turns out the dog has not had its rabies or tetanus vaccines. What does that mean for you?

You can make a workers' compensation claim for excessive stress

It's no secret that work has the potential to be stressful. You go to work every day of the week, and sometimes you have to work overtime. You miss out on things you want to do during the week when you can't get off, and you have to work hard to make ends meet. All the stress of a job has the potential to cause significant emotional distress, and that stress can result in mental health issues.

Although some people believe that stress itself isn't enough to get workers' compensation, that's not true. Stress can lead to a claim if you can show that the cause of stress is work related, if it's above the normal levels expected in your position and if you've suffered a permanent impairment because of it.

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