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Lack of sleep massively increases accident risks

Think that you can get by on just five or six hours of sleep? Even if you're drinking coffee to try to make up for it, a lack of sleep can be very dangerous.

For one thing, it's a big contributor to car accidents. The American Automobile Association (AAA) claims that around 20 percent of deadly accidents involve drowsy drivers. That's not to say it causes the accidents alone, but it plays a role.

Why do cyclists and drivers get into road rage arguments?

You know that drivers don't always get along with cyclists. Despite the increase in the popularity of cycling recently -- some reports indicate that it's become 46 percent more popular -- there are still a lot of conflicts. Sometimes these lead to road rage and accidents. Why does this happen?

There are a lot of reasons. In some cases, both parties don't know the basic right of way laws. They get into disagreements and grow furious with one another for a perceived slight.

The main excuse people give when they speed

Speeding is dangerous. It causes car accidents, reduces reaction times and increases the severity of injuries when accidents happen. There's a reason speed limits are set and enforced.

Even so, you see people break the speed limit every day. Have you ever wondered what excuse these chronic speeders give when the police pull them over?

If you're injured during a hotel crime is the hotel liable?

Someone breaks into your hotel room with the intent of robbing you. You've put your valuables in the safe, though, so they can't get to them quickly. You come back during the robbery. The thief knocks you down while fleeing from the room and you hurt your back.

Is the hotel liable for the injury?

Always get contact information after an accident

It's crucial to always get contact information after a crash. That's true even if you think that you're fine.

One man was riding his bike when a car near him tried to pull an illegal U-turn. He didn't realize it was illegal at the time, but the car hit him.

3-year-old child airlifted after serious car accident

The police are investigating a serious two-vehicle car accident that happened in west Eugene, Oregon. The injuries to a 3-year-old child were so severe that, after the emergency crews offered what treatment they could at the crash site, the child had to be airlifted to a hospital in Portland.

Reports show that the crash occurred around 2:45 on a Sunday morning -- Sept. 24, 2017. The wreck was near the intersection where West 11th Avenue meets Greenhill. At that point, one of the vehicles left the road and slammed directly into a light pole.

What are the rules for pedestrians in the road?

Pedestrian accidents often have tragic consequences, so it's critical for drivers and pedestrians alike to know the rules that govern their actions when someone is crossing the street.

In Oregon, if pedestrians are using a crosswalk, cars have to stop. They have to stay motionless as long as the people are in the car's lane, in the next adjacent lane or within six feet of the lane that the vehicle is using.

Is the interstate more dangerous?

Do you feel like you're in more danger on the interstate, zipping along at 70 miles per hour? You probably have cars passing you at 80 or 85 mph, as well, adding to the high-speed chaos as you cross Oregon.

If that makes you nervous, you're not alone. One therapist helped with a study and said that drivers he talked to named the interstate highway as the place where they felt the most fear. It even outranked their fear while going over bridges.

Clothing choices can help cyclists avoid accidents

Car vs. bicycle accidents happen for a variety of reasons, but one of the most common is simple: The driver of the car looked right at the bicycle, did not see it or did not realize what it was fast enough, and hit it.

It sounds astounding, but consider the small size of a bike compared to pickups, SUVs, semi-trucks and even passenger cars. It's easy for them to blend right in, especially when there is a lot of visual clutter.

The 2 main types of multitasking and medical risks

Multitasking is very common in the medical community. It's also very problematic. It can lead directly to serious errors and medical malpractice. It puts patients at risk.

There are two different types of multitasking that must be considered. Both can be dangerous, but they occur differently. They are listed below, along with examples.

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