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Get compensated for missed work and injuries suffered on the job

Working in certain fields can be difficult and potentially dangerous. That's why your employer is supposed to have workers' compensation insurance. If he doesn't and you get hurt, it can mean that you have to fight a legal battle to get the money you need to care for yourself properly following an injury.

Cycling: Statistics and the dangers of biking

As a bicyclist and pedestrian, you want to stay safe. You have your own bike lanes in some areas, know how to travel against traffic when you're not on the road and to travel with traffic when you are. As a cyclist, you're at risk of serious injuries if you're hit. You have little protection against a high-speed impact, and being thrown from your bicycle could lead to major injuries and road rash.

Hit-and-run driver has bail set at $25,000

As a pedestrian, you would like to think that if you ever get hurt when you're out in public, someone will help you. If someone hits you, you'd expect the driver to stop and help. If the driver leaves the scene, it can mean a delay in getting treatment and sets you up to be able to file a lawsuit for compensation.

What is a traumatic brain injury and how does it develop?

A traumatic brain injury is caused when the brain moves inside the head or is impacted or impaled by an object. The injury happens suddenly; for example, if you fall and hit your head on a curb, you could face a traumatic brain injury including a concussion. If you're hit by a car, you could face aneurysms or swelling on the brain.

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