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How can you report dangerous drivers?

On Behalf of | Jul 29, 2016 | Car Accidents |

If you’re driving and get into an accident, you’ll likely get to talk to police, be able to discuss what happened and why you believe the other drive was at fault, What about cases where you just notice a dangerous driver, though? How can you help prevent a crash from taking place?

How do you report road rage?

According to the Oregon State Government, there are several ways to report problem drivers. For instance, aggressive drivers who exhibit signs of road rage can be reported by calling 911 within the City of Portland city limits or by contacting a local law enforcement agency.

How can you report an at-risk driver?

If you have an elderly loved one who is an at-risk driver, a loved one with a medical condition, or see someone else at risk driving, you can report this to the local At-Risk Driver Program. You can report someone based on the person’s known medical condition or if you see dangerous or odd driving behaviors.

Should you call 911 to report drunk driving?

If someone is intoxicated and driving or appears intoxicated when driving, you can call the local police or call 911. You can also call (800) 243-7865 if you’re not within the city limits, and this number will help you reach out to the appropriate agency who can help.

What should you do about unauthorized drivers?

Unauthorized drivers may be another problem. For instance, if you know that a child has taken a vehicle without permission, you can call your local police station to make a report.

If you’re in a collision with anyone fitting these descriptions, remember that you may be able to seek a claim against the driver. In the meantime, reporting dangerous driving helps keep the roads safe for everyone.

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