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Oregon workers' compensation important for those who lost family

Readers in Oregon may be interested to learn about a man from another state who lost his life in a work related accident. The man was on the job at a mine when he was killed. Now his family may be seeking to make a workers’ compensation claim to obtain benefits to help them cover the financial losses related to this tragedy.

Oregon workers' compensation: Survivor benefits a possibility?

The Port of Tacoma in Oregon has seen what may appear to be an inordinate amount of worker deaths over the past few weeks. Not just one but two longshore workers have died in two separate accidents since March 12. Both men were evidently employed by the same company, Pacific Crane Maintenance Co. When fatal work accidents like this occur, surviving family members may discover that they can file for workers' compensation death benefits. It is not yet clear whether that will prove to be the case in these two accidents.

Workers' compensation ruling could affect some in Oregon

The Hutterites are a religious organization that has colonies spread across our country and the world. There are colonies located in Oregon and other northwestern states. Recently, the highest court in another state ruled that the organization was required to pay for workers' compensation because it had entered into the construction business.

Workers' compensation costs increase in Oregon

Workers' compensation is intended to help Oregon workers who have been injured or even killed on the job and their families. Now, reports indicate that increasing medical costs for those workers may be one of the reasons that the cost of workers' compensation insurance is rising in our state. In fact, the costs for these important benefits have risen over the past two years after years of decline. Now, employers in our state will expect to pay an average of $1.52 per $100 in payroll next year, according to reports.

Toxic chemical exposure: OSHA issues carbon monoxide alert

In the wake of three separate incidents this summer involving overexposure of employees to carbon monoxide in the Portland area alone, Oregon OSHA has issued an advisory to employers. The concern was voiced for employees operating gas powered equipment in the performance of their work duties, particularly in confined spaces. Toxic chemical exposure is a threat to the safety of workers, and those exposed to it can quickly become nauseous, suffer from headaches and even suffer death under severe circumstances.

Workers' compensation claim of Oregon police officer upheld

The Oregon Court of Appeals recently upheld the workers' compensation claim of a Eugene police officer. The court found that the officer was entitled to payment from her workers' compensation claim because she was in her work environment at the time she was hit by a car. This court ruling was in contrast to the argument made by the police department that asserted that she was acting outside of her duties at the time of her injury.

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