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Oregon car accident leaves teenager dead, another injured

One Oregon teen is dead and another is injured after a recent crash. The injuries and death came when the teens, along with one other young man, were in a car that was attempting 'hill hopping' on a local roadway. This car accident was not the first such incident in our state.

Oregon car accident sends 2 people to hospital

A woman was taken to a local hospital for treatment of her injuries after a crash that happened recently on an Oregon roadway. The car accident took place on weekend morning in Yamhill County on Oregon 47. Now, local officials are working to determine the exact details of the crash.

Oregon car accident leads to personal injury for witness

A man says that he was trying to help after witnessing a car accident on an Oregon highway. The man stopped to see if he could help the accident victims. When he spoke to one person at the scene, he was physically attacked. The good Samaritan suffered personal injury that included a bleeding cheek and a black eye.

Oregon car accident kills teen, injures others

A horrific crash led to the death of one Oregon teen and injury to others recently. The boy, who had told his mother that he was camping for spring break, was a passenger in an SUV when the tragedy happened. Now, local officials are working to learn the exact details of the car accident.

Portland car accident injures local woman

The details surrounding a recent Portland car accident remain few as police continue to investigate. However, it is known that one local woman who was a passenger in the involved vehicle was severely injured as a result of the car accident. The incident occurred in the late evening hours on a weekend day.

Oregon car accident ends life of one victim

Though Oregon weather in the winter can be harsh and sometimes creates hazardous driving conditions, police do not believe that it played a part in a recent fatal crash. They do, however, suspect that alleged actions of the driver of a car caused the car accident that claimed the life of one local man. The accident occurred in the early morning hours on a Portland area road.

Oregon car accident claims man's life, 3 others injured

Anyone who has lived in Oregon or the Northwest for a period of time knows that our weather can be dangerous during the rainy winter season. This is especially the case when fog rolls in or icy conditions exist on local roadways. These factors have contributed to many crashes in our state and may have been a factor in one recent car accident.

Oregon police chase results in car accidents, injuries

People do not expect to be in a car accident when they get into their vehicles. It is especially rare for people to become innocent victims in a police chase. However, two families in Oregon had this unfortunate experience on a recent Saturday afternoon when a man trying to escape the police caused two car accidents.

Car accident happens on Oregon roadway and injures three

Few people expect that a car accident will disrupt their normal routines as they go about their days. However, one Oregon town became the sight of a two-vehicle car accident that happened one recent fall night on a local roadway. Two victims of the car accident suffered serious injuries. They were taken to a local hospital for medical treatment. In addition the driver of the car that may have caused the crash was seriously injured in the incident.

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