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Why was my claim for workers' compensation denied?

An injury at work can be a difficult event to get past. An Oregon resident who suffers on-the-job injuries may feel as though they have been victimized twice - once when they suffered their harm and once when they had to leave work and lose pay to recover from it. Seeking workers' compensation benefits may be their best option to get by as they recuperate from their injuries.

PTSD may be a future trend in work comp claims

Post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD, has been better understood in the mental health and medical community over the past several decades. While it used to be seen as a condition affecting combat veterans, experts now understand that the condition can develop in anyone who has experienced trauma, even second-hand.

Significant causes of major workers' compensation claims

Even in lines of work that people in Portland, Oregon, might think of as safe, employees can get severely injured in a lot of ways. These so-called catastrophic work injuries can, in one fell swoop, lead to millions of dollars in workers' compensation payments in the form of medical bills, rehabilitation expenses and lost wages.

Representation of workers exposed to toxins

A previous post on this blog talked about how employers in Portland and the rest of Oregon have an obligation to protect their workers from exposure to chemicals and other toxic substances. When toxins have to be used in the course of a business's trade, then an employer has to take appropriate safety precautions and provide the equipment workers need to keep themselves from getting sick.

Oregon employers have a duty to protect workers from toxins

Even though there are constant efforts in Oregon to improve the quality of the environment generally and, in particular, within the workplace, the reality is that many workers in the Portland area still have to work with or around chemicals that are known to be toxic and hazardous to one's health.

What if my workplace injury is my fault?

Although the average Portland, Oregon, worker probably tries to be careful while on the job and follow the rules, like anyone else, employees do make mistakes. Moreover, it is an unfortunate reality that sometimes these mistakes leave that employee seriously and even permanently injured.

Crush injuries can lead to serious, long-term problems

Many people in Portland, Oregon, work at industrial sites or construction zones where there are literally lots of heavy moving parts. In addition to different types of vehicles and industrial equipment like forklifts, walls, heavy loads and other objects are commonplace at an industrial or construction Even mounds of dirt or debris, or, for that matter, open ditches, can give way and move suddenly and without warning.

Can I choose my own doctor after a workplace accident?

Although some employers might suggest that an injured worker has to go to a doctor who is chosen by the employer's insurance company, an injured employee in fact has the right to choose his or her own doctor. The person's doctor need only be properly licensed to practice medicine in Oregon.

Can I lose my job for filing a workers' compensation claim?

Like its sister states, Oregon's workers' compensation system is a no fault system, meaning that, generally speaking, no one is going to ask whether a work-related injury was due to the mistake or even the carelessness of the employee.

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