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Red-light cameras in decline despite clear benefits

Drivers in Oregon should understand just how dangerous running a red light can be. This practice is behind hundreds of fatal crashes every year. More than 800 people died from red-light running collisions in 2016, according to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety. In a AAA Foundation survey, 92.9% of respondents agreed that red-light running is unacceptable behavior, yet 42.7% admitted to doing it at least once in the 30 days prior to the survey.

AAA Foundation: Drivers get distracted by car safety features

If asked what sort of distractions are common behind the wheel, most drivers in Oregon would likely answer with smartphone use, talking with passengers and eating/drinking. However, a study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety found that the use of vehicle safety features can make drivers just as inattentive as any of the above. In fact, it can significantly raise the risk for a car crash.

Bill seeks to make drunk driving prevention devices mandatory

When it comes to the effects of drunk driving, people in Oregon have plenty to be concerned about. Despite massive law enforcement efforts and widespread public awareness campaigns, 30 people across the country are killed every day in car crashes linked to driving under the influence. Some lawmakers think that technological solutions can help stop drunk driving before intoxicated people get behind the wheel. They take inspiration from a common penalty applied to people convicted of DUI: Ignition interlock devices are essentially in-car breathalyzers that verify that a driver's breath is free of alcohol before the car can be started.

Study considers link between opioids and fatal two-car crashes

Oregon residents may be taking opioids either for chronic pain or acute injuries. If it is for the former, they may not be so affected by the drug's psychomotor and cognitive effects. If it is for the latter, they are at a greater risk for impairment. In either case, it is inadvisable to mix opioid use with driving because one can become drowsy behind the wheel and cause a crash.

The real cost of driving while distracted

It is not uncommon to hear about automobile accidents caused by distracted driving in Oregon. Around the country, it is estimated that close to nine people die every day because of accidents related to distracted driving. These same types of accidents lead to around 100 injuries every day.

How to drive safely when the weather gets cold

Oregon drivers may be at an increased risk of getting into an accident when roads are covered with ice or snow. However, there are ways of reducing that risk or eliminating it altogether. While on a snowy or icy road, it is important to maintain a constant speed. Slowing down or stopping may result in a vehicle losing traction and sliding off the road.

Car accidents are decreasing in the United States

Oregon drivers may be happy to know that U.S. highway deaths decreased in the year 2018 for the second straight year, and this decrease has continued into 2019. One of the reasons why there are fewer car accidents is because of technology that has been installed in newer vehicles to make them safer.

Study ranks 15 states with highest number of teen drunk drivers

Teenagers should not be drinking any alcohol, much less driving drunk, but both alcohol consumption and drunk driving are frequently reported among teens in Oregon and across the U.S. The CDC states that 5.5% of teens drive after drinking alcohol. By comparison, 3.1% of adults do the same. Drunk driving is behind thousands of crashes and one third of all driving fatalities.

Helping you recover damages following a car crash

Motor vehicles are heavily relied on to get to and from destinations. This is evidenced by the constant traffic experienced on the roadways in Oregon and elsewhere. And while numerous motorists follow the rues of the road while traveling on the road, the reality is that some fail to uphold their duty to drive safely. They choose to text on their phone, drink and drive or even drive while fatigued. These situations present many dangers on the roadways, sometimes resulting in a serious or even fatal car accident.

Two homeless people injured in Portland hit-and-run

The roadways can be a very dangerous place. Vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed can present various dangers, and a sudden negligent or reckless act can turn a vehicle into something deadly. It is not just other motorists and travelers on the roadway that need to be aware of these dangers. Pedestrians and those near the roadways could fall victim to a serious automobile collision in Oregon and elsewhere.

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