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New auto features could help avoid pedestrian accidents

Pedestrian safety is a major topic in Oregon and across the United States. Because there are so many dangers on the road, steps are being taken to reduce the number of crashes. Lawmakers, law enforcement and car companies are seeking to find strategies to improve safety. One way this is being done is by installing systems in new vehicles to recognize pedestrians and issue a warning to the driver. However, research finds that this new technology has yet to be perfected.

How common are fatal pedestrian accidents?

In Portland and other cities across the nation, people often choose to get around by foot. Whether they are going for a walk, jog, run or hike, a pedestrian is often walking in areas where vehicles travel. Although motorists are supposed to be aware of their surroundings and operate cautiously around pedestrians, the unfortunate reality is that collisions occur between automobiles and pedestrians.

Increase in fatal pedestrian crashes linked to SUVs

With the glimmer of fall approaching, residents in Oregon and other states across the nation are trying to soak up every last bit of summer. Although it is a time of year where many individuals spend time outdoors to enjoy the weather, the reality is that many people see the outdoors year-round because they primarily get around on foot. Whether one commutes on foot or is simply walking from their parked car to a building, store or residence, pedestrians frequently walk where vehicles are traveling. Thus, it is always imperative that both motorists and pedestrians remain aware of one another, with motorists driving cautiously around pedestrians.

Who is liable for a crosswalk collision?

Although there are many vehicles on Portland's roads and highways, a number of the city's residents choose to walk to work, school and for errands. Walking is great exercise and is good for the environment, as it keeps vehicles and their emissions off of the roads. However, when people decide to leave their cars behind and to walk to their destinations, they often must encounter others who have elected to drive instead of traveling on foot.

Elements in an auto-pedestrian claim for personal injury damages

No victim of a personal injury accident should have to pay to put their life back together after someone else's negligence inflicts harm upon them. When a Portland resident is harmed as a pedestrian in a collision with a car, they may suffer injuries that affect their body, trouble their mind and deplete their finances. Litigation may be a good option for them to collect their losses and become whole once again.

Safety in school zones: keeping children safe

Portland drivers may know to avoid certain streets and intersections at school drop off and dismissal times. This is because these areas may be congested with extra traffic from parents hauling their children around as well as increased pedestrian activity from children walking to and from school. They may also know that zones near schools, parks and other places where child pedestrians may frequent are also subject to lower travel speeds.

Distracted drivers are a threat to pedestrians

Many Oregon residents rely on their smart phones every day. They must use them to text and email their friends and co-workers, find directions through their map apps and even order meals when they are out of their homes. Smart phones are truly useful for many people, but there is one place that they should never be used: in the hands of someone who is driving.

When must drivers yield to pedestrians?

Auto-pedestrian accidents can have tragic outcomes when victims succumb to their injuries and lives are lost due to pedestrians being hit by moving vehicles. It is sad and unfortunate that many accidents between individuals on foot and vehicles could be prevented if drivers understood the laws that protect pedestrians and their right to walk. This post will offer an overview of some of the laws that protect pedestrians when they must cross roadways, but, as with all informative posts on this blog, readers are cautioned not to interpret its contents as legal advice.

Pedestrians are often left with permanent injuries after crashes

As this blog has discussed before, Portland a city of people who like to walk places. Many walk to work and school or, at least, to and from the nearest bus or MAX stop. Given that Portland is a great place for hiking, running or just walking, one will also find many pedestrians who are out and about just for pleasure.

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