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Club fails to update safety features, faces heavy $200,000 fines

When the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) comes to a business to investigate, it can make the determination that the owner needs to make changes. If the owner decides not to comply, he or she may face serious penalties that range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Ignoring the requests from OSHA can lead to building fines and fees that add up to thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars or more.

Can you file for workers' compensation after an injury?

You were on the job when it happened; someone dropped a large piece of wood from above at the construction site, and that wood struck you in the head. You were rushed to the hospital, but you still suffered a severe traumatic brain injury.

You can make a workers' compensation claim for excessive stress

It's no secret that work has the potential to be stressful. You go to work every day of the week, and sometimes you have to work overtime. You miss out on things you want to do during the week when you can't get off, and you have to work hard to make ends meet. All the stress of a job has the potential to cause significant emotional distress, and that stress can result in mental health issues.

Oregon Safety Break for 2017 scheduled across the state

No one likes getting hurt, and it's particularly bad when your injury affects your work. That's why the Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration has scheduled its 14th annual Safety Break. This is a day in which employers are invited to learn about workplace safety, health and training. They are invited to join in with creative activities and to witness local businesses being awarded.

You have many rights as a worker in Wisconsin

Imagine heading to work and getting out onto the floor. You're used to performing the actions of your job, but today, something's different. One of the guards was missing from the machinery, and now you've been caught in it. Besides the lacerations, there's a real risk that you may have to have some of your hand amputated.

Why would a workers' compensation claim be denied?

If your workers' compensation claim has been denied, there are some steps you can take to appeal that decision. In general, if you're hurt at work and are the employee of the business, you should be covered by workers' compensation insurance. Applying for benefits after an injury helps make sure that you can get the medical care you need to get back to work quickly or to recover from an injury. If you are disabled after the injury, workers' compensation provides other benefits to you, like paying some of your wages.

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