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OSHA fines employers for violations in worker death case

Employers in Oregon are required to adhere to regulations created and enforced by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and there may be high prices to pay when regulations are ignored. An industrial contractor and a petroleum refining company have been ordered to pay fines of $106,080 after an employee died while working in an enclosed space. The employer was in violation of OSHA regulations because it did not secure a confined space in which work was being performed.

Rehabilitation following a workplace accident

Whether a person works in an industry that is inherently dangerous or in an office setting, a workplace accident or illness could occur in almost any work environment in Oregon and elsewhere. It is not always apparent that a person is suffering from a medical condition that was caused by the workplace. In these matters, it is important for workers to consider their rights and options when it comes to securing workers' compensation to address the harms and damages caused by a workplace incident.

We help injured workers secure workers' compensation benefits

For workers in Oregon and elsewhere, it can be extremely detrimental to miss work. While individuals can get sick and injured at work, requiring days off to recover, many of them suffer serious injuries that require extended leaves and ongoing medical care. This can be financially disruptive. The inability to work means the inability to make an income; thus, causing financial problems. An injured worker's financial stability can be even further shaken when medical bills begin to pile up. In these matters, workers' compensation can be an extremely valuable benefit.

Helping you recover workers' compensation benefits

No matter the type of industry an individual works in, there are always some risks associated with a job. This is true even if an employee works in an office and sits at a desk. However, for some workers, the risks of injuries are much greater. Due to the dangers associated with certain positions, workers are at a greater risk of being harmed while carrying out their duties at work.

A review of the Workers' Compensation system

Workplace accidents are unfortunately common all across the nation. Here in Oregon workers from diverse industries are exposed to hazardous work conditions that result in injuries, illnesses, and lost wages. When workers suffer harm on the job, they may elect to seek compensation for their losses from their employers.

Important steps to take before receiving workers' compensation

An on the job injury can be a devastating event for an Oregon worker. While some accidents may result in minor forms of harm, others may cause serious and even debilitating losses to those who suffer them. In the wake of a workplace injury, it is important a victim knows what to do so that they may protect their right to receive workers' compensation.

What illnesses can be caused by work duties?

Many claims for workers' compensation are based on the injuries that individuals suffer when they are performing their job duties. However, Oregon residents can also suffer work-related harm when their tasks cause them to become ill. Certain illnesses are common in certain industries, and this post will touch on some of the conditions that individuals can develop from the work that they do.

What is considered a work-related injury?

Workers' comp is an important form of insurance that provides individuals with financial support when they suffer work-related injuries. While understanding when something is "work-related" may seem obvious to some people, knowing just when workers' compensation may apply to an Oregon resident's claim can be tough. Though this post will briefly discuss what it means for an accident to be work-related, all readers are asked to discuss their workers' compensation claims with their attorneys.

Back pain and injuries can be caused by various job tasks

A pulled back muscle or strain can cause a person to feel significant pain and tenderness. When their back is affected by an injury, an Oregon resident may struggle to do even the most simple of tasks like tying their shoes or putting on their clothes. Back injuries that are caused by on-the-job accidents and incidents may form the bases of workers' compensation claims and may develop from a number of different occupational situations.

Legal support for your important workers' compensation claim

A workplace injury can be incredibly scary. The details of an incident may bring to light dangers that a Portland worker can face in their line of employment, and the shock of coming close to possible death can cause the victim to reflect on their life. In the wake of the physical and emotional trauma that a victim of a workplace accident can experience, that victim may struggle to take the necessary steps to ensure that they and their family is provided for.

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