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How to Start a Rideshare Accident Claim

On Behalf of | May 14, 2024 | Car Accidents |

People expect a rideshare trip to be a safe alternative to driving themselves. Those who are unfamiliar with an area or under the influence of alcohol may order a ride for both safety and convenience. People expect to reach their destination safely when they hire a professional to transport them.

Only a small percentage of rideshare trips result in collisions, but they can leave people uncertain of what to do next. What steps does someone generally need to take when involved in a rideshare collision if they need compensation for their injuries?

Document everything carefully

People usually leave the documentation of a crash and its aftermath to the drivers involved in the incident. However, that is not the best idea for someone injured as a passenger in a rideshare vehicle. They may need to gather their own documentation, including taking pictures or video footage of the scene of the collision. They may also need to obtain information from the drivers about their licenses and the insurance coverage available.

Report the matter to the authorities

The drivers involved in a crash sometimes try to circumvent the legal requirement to report a collision. Especially if someone drives for a living, they may want to avoid following reporting protocols after a collision. A passenger injured in a rideshare crash may need to call local authorities and report the collision to ensure there is a record of the incident. They may also need to seek out a medical examination to diagnose any injuries they have.

Communicate with the rideshare company

Passengers often need to notify the rideshare company that facilitated the trip that a crash occurred. Following the right procedure can potentially help someone connect with the insurance coverage carried by the major rideshare companies. Other times, such as when a crash occurs after the end of a ride or before the driver starts the ride, the passenger may be reliant on the rideshare coverage of the individual rideshare driver. In cases involving severe injuries, a lawsuit may be necessary.

Particularly when a passenger has significant injuries, they may need assistance navigating the claims process to better ensure that they don’t make a mistake or settle for less than they deserve. Properly responding to a rideshare collision can be more difficult than handling the average car crash. Passengers who know the rules can potentially secure compensation through insurance or even a personal injury lawsuit, if necessary.

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