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Parents and distracted driving behaviors

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Life can get busy, and our best mechanism to handle a full schedule is to multitask. While this can be an effective way to get through a busy day, it is not always the safe bet in all situations. Take driving, for example. This is an environment where multitasking does not thrive but rather creates dangers. When a driver is not completely focused on driving, this could create the risk of an accident occurring.

Based on current statistics, about nine people are killed each day by a distracted driver. It was also reported that around 1,000 individuals are injured in accidents involving a distracted driver. With the rise in motor vehicle fatalities across the nation, it is believed that modern technology, such as cellphones, are to blame.

A recent study focused on differences in texting while driving among millennial parents and older parents. Researchers found that texting while driving was prevalent in both groups, meaning that the age of the parent does not often play a role in the choice to text while drive. However, it should be noted that millennial parents did report riskier distracted driving behaviors when compared to older parents.

Distracted driving is dangerous no matter who it is or their age. This not only puts the driver at risk but also their occupants and others traveling on or near the roadways. Thus, it is important to understand if a distracted driver was to blame for an accident.

The aftermath of a car accident can be overwhelming. Accident victims may not fully understand what they can do to not only overcome the losses suffered but to also hold a negligent party accountable. A personal injury action can serve an injured car accident victim in two ways. It can help prove fault in the crash, placing liability on the party at fault, and it can assist with the recovery of compensation for the damages suffered.

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