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A review of the Workers’ Compensation system

On Behalf of | Jul 11, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

Workplace accidents are unfortunately common all across the nation. Here in Oregon workers from diverse industries are exposed to hazardous work conditions that result in injuries, illnesses, and lost wages. When workers suffer harm on the job, they may elect to seek compensation for their losses from their employers.

The Workers’ Compensation system came about to help streamline the process of getting compensation to individuals who suffer harm at work. It is a form of insurance that employers carry. When a worker makes a claim for compensation, it is reviewed and fulfilled so that the worker may still support themselves and their loved ones during their period of recuperation.

Workers’ Compensation has a benefit for employers, too. When an injured worker elects to use the Workers’ Compensation system after a workplace accident, they effectively give up their right to sue their employer. This means that a worker cannot be compensated through Workers’ Compensation and file a personal injury claim for the same damages.

This post is a general overview of why the Workers’ Compensation system exists and what it does to support the needs of individuals who are hurt while doing their jobs. It is not intended to give readers any legal advice, and those who have questions about Workers’ Compensation are strongly encouraged to discuss their questions with practicing attorneys. In some cases, Workers’ Compensation claims may be denied if injured workers wait too long to file, thus leaving them without an efficient method of receiving the financial help they need to recover.

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