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Why is drunk driving so dangerous?

On Behalf of | Jun 20, 2019 | Car Accidents |

Drunk driving is an unfortunately common occurrence in the United States. Many Oregon residents have been personally affected by car accidents caused by drunk drivers, with some having been involved in crashes themselves and others having lost loved ones to collisions caused by inebriated drivers. Drinking and driving is dangerous because of the effects that alcohol can have on the body. This post does not, however, provide any legal or medical advice.

Alcohol can do many things to the human body. Even a small amount of alcohol can be detrimental to a driver’s capacity to focus. From a driver’s first drink, their impulse control may be impacted, and this may cause them to make dangerous and reckless maneuvers.

Additionally, a drunk driver may not be able to maintain the position of their vehicle on the road. This means that their coordination, focus, and balance may all be affected by the presence of alcohol in their system. Drivers who have been drinking do not always make the best choices about how to negotiate traffic, deal with intersections, or follow the signage and lights that dictate how cars should operate on Oregon roads. All of these issues can cause big problems for other drivers and motorists who must share the roads with drunk drivers.

When a victim is hurt in an accident with a drunk driver, they should seek immediate medical attention. They may then decide to learn about their rights and options for recovering their damages. Their trusted personal injury attorney can help them prepare a pleading.

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