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Liability when children are the victims of bike accidents

On Behalf of | Jun 27, 2019 | Bike Accidents |

Anyone who has spent time around a young child knows that little kids can be impulsive, excitable, and often exhausting to those who must keep them safe. It is hard to know what a young child will do when confronted with a new situation, and, because of this, their caregivers are often vigilant to provide them with security so that they do not suffer harm. Throughout Portland, parents and caregivers do whatever they can to ensure that their little loved ones are out of harm’s way.

However, certain situations may present themselves when caregivers cannot immediately act to stop accidents from happening. For example, when out on a bike ride, a child’s safety can become compromised in a blink of an eye when a driver fails to maintain control over their vehicle or chooses to drive distracted. Vehicle accidents involving children can be devastating and it is often up to drivers to prevent them.

Children are generally held to a lower standard of care because of the simple fact that they generally do not have the same reasoning power as adults. Because children are expected to make potentially dangerous choices, drivers are often held to a higher standard of care when they drive in areas where kids may be biking. Once a child reaches their teenage years, however, they may be held to a standard of safety that is similar to that of adults.

Bike accidents involving kids can have tragic ends and children are not well equipped to prevent them from happening. Drivers must take their responsibilities seriously to prevent collisions between their vehicles and the young children that live and play in their communities.

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