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Important steps to take before receiving workers’ compensation

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2019 | Workers' Compensation |

An on the job injury can be a devastating event for an Oregon worker. While some accidents may result in minor forms of harm, others may cause serious and even debilitating losses to those who suffer them. In the wake of a workplace injury, it is important a victim knows what to do so that they may protect their right to receive workers’ compensation.

The first thing that a worker should do after suffering an injury is to report it to their employer. If they are able to provide their notice in writing, such action may be useful as the worker may be able to keep their own copy of the report. After they have provided said notice, the worker should ask to see a doctor to have their injury examined and evaluated.

Getting a timely medical review is important to preserve the nature and extent of the worker’s injury when it comes time to determine how much they should receive in the form of workers’ compensation benefits. However, workers should not forget that they also must request and submit a workers’ compensation claim form to start the process of securing their financial support. Without submitting a form, a worker’s claim may never be processed and they may lose their opportunity to receive workers’ compensation benefits.

These are only some of the important steps that workers should take when they are hurt in the course of doing their jobs. Many injured workers find help from workers’ compensation attorneys. These legal professionals can guide their clients through the many requirements they must meet in order to successfully file a claim for the benefits they require.

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